I want to go to Bohol! Have you been there? What’s your most memorable place you visited there? Why?

If they’re excited so are we in The Philippines

Crossroads Hostel noted that budget airlines, Airasia, started flying Filipino passengers to Kuala Lumpur, Saturday, June 9, to expand its business and operations in Southeast Asia. Filipinos own a major stake in this Malaysian airline brand and it will further capitalize on the momentum of bringing in more tourists to the country.
To date, Malaysia accounts for 32,363 tourists or the eleventh biggest source of visitors in the country in the first quarter of this year. So far, the number of Malaysians going to the Philippines increased by almost 75% since 2009 and it seems there’s no stopping them from finding out why it’s more fun in the Philippines.
We are excited to see more Malaysians in the country who can see their Malaysian Ringgit’s value multiply in a country that is known for it’s hospitality. Crossroads Hostel is a perfect place to receive Malaysian travelers who want to discover what is in store for them in a country that may not be truly Asia but it’s definitely more fun than anything they have experienced.

Filipino dishes, instead, colors the ‘palate’ of your mouth

I find it hard to title this piece but yielded to what will catch your imagination of our food in the Philippines. Filipino dishes can be the most un-colorful bunch but dishes like Chicken Adobo, Lumpia, or Pancit can give your tongue a delightful sensation only your mouth can define.  Filipino dishes burst with flavors from salty, sweetness, and spicy and everything in between. I remember my lunch that my wife cooked me this morning. A spoonful of savory sweet, salted shrimp paste pork (called “Binagoongang” <Bee-na-go-ong-ang Bah-boy>) White Jasmine rice, and a bite of an unripened mango breaking off in your mouth releasing flavors that just screams with impact. It haunts my mouth giving my palate a bit of work. My senses gets flooded with thoughts that nothing has ever discovered it. It’s indeed a find, the best of Philippine dishes in gastronomical proportions.
Why don’t you taste our Philippines and the Department of Tourism’s Kulinarya Food Trips? This is where visitors and locals alike can dive deep into the different flavors of foods found in different parts of the country’s regions. There are more than ten food trips you can join and enjoy a hearty feast while touring the country with your belly filled and fulfilled.
Come and visit the Philippines and bite into the fun of sumptuous dishes not all can partake. We guarantee that booking your travel with Crossroads Hostel will not just add more value to your tours, give more into your pockets but will allow your taste buds to go wild screaming for more of these flavorful dishes that only our country’s Kulinarya Food Trips can give.
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Dare to stare with a Tarsier

The first thing that caught my attention was the engaging of what seemed like the 70s Disco-era beat then a techno-sounding voice of who I thought was Apl.D.Ap of Black Eyed Peas (Also Filipino!) repeatedly saying, “It’s more fun in the Philippines, It’s more fun…”
I couldn’t believe that this 30-second ad is what my country is playing now in CNN showcasing the memes of a viral campaign the Department of Tourism started months ago that caught a lot of Filipinos’ fancy. The ad is indeed fun and it poses an intriguing question to suspecting travelers who have yet to discover the country’s appeal and charm, “What will you come up with?”
So why stand in the sidelines? Play this ad over and over and dive into what you can uncover and tell us what you think of fun in the Philippines mean. Book your travel to the Philippines now and add Crossroads Hostel to your plans and save more while you savor the allure of this country.

Smile. It’s just more fun in the Philippines

The Philippines broke the one million tourist arrivals mark during the first quarter of this year. It’s well on its way to reach the tourism department’s goal of 4.5M tourist arrivals in 2012.
The aggressive “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” campaign hatched by former advertising executive and now the country’s Tourism Secretary Ramon R. Jimenez, Jr. broke ground in the international scene by placing ad spots on cable giant CNN, hiring more than fifty English cabs to carry the country’s slogan and invite more European travelers to this side of the planet.
Tourist arrivals in the first quarter of 2012, reached 1,148,072 or 16% more compared to 2011’s first quarter tourist arrivals. The proactive campaign attempts to capture the imagination of prospective travelers who are looking for more fun in Asia by visiting never-before-seen places and unparalleled hospitality Filipinos can give visitors.
Asian countries dominate the top five number of visitors with South Korean travelers holding the number one spot with more than quarter of a million visitors just in the first three months of this year. The United States, on the other hand, is at number 2 yielding the most number of western vacationers in the country with 179,561 visitors to date.
If you’re testing to see what The Philippines can offer because of your limited budget, don’t worry because Crossroads Hostel can help you control your budget without costing you an arm and a leg just to discover how much more fun the Philippines can be. Check out our reservations and tweet us a question (@chostel) so we can help you decide how inexpensive it is to travel in the Philippines with the help of Crossroads Hostel.
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Tourists trust tighter security at NAIA

Expect passengers to feel safer and more secured when they travel to the Philippines this year. The Philippine government wants to get the US Federal Aviation Administration’s (USFAA) standard of security operations as it will introduce a two-layered security procedure in all forty-five airports in the country. Secretary Manuel Roxas explains that only twenty-one airports have state-of-the-art security machines that can check passenger baggages.
Several reports have noted the fleet population of commercial airlines flying to the country has doubled to 119 compared to sixty-two only in 2008. This means more tourists are flocking to the country to discover what the tropical nation, known for its fine, white sandy beaches and hiking trails, has to offer.
The country is also developing its medical tourism, which aims to be an alternative to those seeking elective medical procedures without costing more than they should.
Crossroads Hostel offers inexpensive accommodation to both cost-conscious travelers and those who are planning to hike and discover the fun in the Philippines. Check out the properties Crossroads Hostel has to offer.

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Medical Tourism is a growing industry in the Philippines with doctors and experts patients can rely on. According to the Philippine Medical Tourism, Incorporated, Filipino doctors frequently travel to different countries, especially the United States of America, to learn more about the latest in medical and technical medical procedures that patients may need.
Patients can choose from these fine clinics and hospitals:

You should note that these hospitals and clinics are growing steadily in The Philippines with state-of-the-art equipments within Metropolitan Manila that you can choose from.
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