Filipino dishes, instead, colors the ‘palate’ of your mouth

I find it hard to title this piece but yielded to what will catch your imagination of our food in the Philippines. Filipino dishes can be the most un-colorful bunch but dishes like Chicken Adobo, Lumpia, or Pancit can give your tongue a delightful sensation only your mouth can define.  Filipino dishes burst with flavors from salty, sweetness, and spicy and everything in between. I remember my lunch that my wife cooked me this morning. A spoonful of savory sweet, salted shrimp paste pork (called “Binagoongang” <Bee-na-go-ong-ang Bah-boy>) White Jasmine rice, and a bite of an unripened mango breaking off in your mouth releasing flavors that just screams with impact. It haunts my mouth giving my palate a bit of work. My senses gets flooded with thoughts that nothing has ever discovered it. It’s indeed a find, the best of Philippine dishes in gastronomical proportions.
Why don’t you taste our Philippines and the Department of Tourism’s Kulinarya Food Trips? This is where visitors and locals alike can dive deep into the different flavors of foods found in different parts of the country’s regions. There are more than ten food trips you can join and enjoy a hearty feast while touring the country with your belly filled and fulfilled.
Come and visit the Philippines and bite into the fun of sumptuous dishes not all can partake. We guarantee that booking your travel with Crossroads Hostel will not just add more value to your tours, give more into your pockets but will allow your taste buds to go wild screaming for more of these flavorful dishes that only our country’s Kulinarya Food Trips can give.
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