If you want something more rustic then you might like living here.
This is where I grew up, well, not in this room. This is the place where I grew up most of my life from 1977 up to 1996 before I left for the United States. You will enjoy this place because it really feels like home. It has all the nostalgic feel to it and the only modern comfort you will get here are the air-conditioning units that will make you feel cool and cozy in this one-bed flat.
This second offering is much cost-effective than the first or the last one we will show you but this is Filipino home in an urban setting you may want to check in most likely. Try it out and see how it will make you feel young again as you live in a place where my family lives.
Downside: My brother loves animals and pets. He rears to mix breed of black Labrador Retreivers and they’re very friendly; Scary if you don’t like the sound of their undertone barks and the sight of a black, hair, cuddly creature in front of you. Careful, they can overpower you with their sheer strength but can ‘kill’ you with their cuddliness.
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If you’re the type of person who wants more privacy but don’t mind shelling out PhP1,200+ per night then you’re in for a treat! People who want more privacy can now avail of our properties that provide such comfort. For price points between PhP1,200 – PhP1,800+, you can avail of such rooms. Every thing is provided for in the kitchen, in the bedroom, in the bathroom…it’s like Crossroads Hostel Manila but with more privacy.
Downside: (A) Guests in these properties are to adhere strict rules imposed by the community where these rooms are located. You can rent these rooms for what it is advertised for. You will be evicted the moment these rules are violated. (B) This is a private community so free amenities to the unit owners does not mean it’s free for you to use. You may be asked for fees that can provide you access to such places as but not limit to swimming pool, weights room, and others.
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We're your place to stay if you will take your OJT within EDSA-Shaw area, Mandaluyong

We’re your place to stay if you will take your OJT within EDSA-Shaw area, Mandaluyong

We finally gave two medical departments of a nearby hospital our proposal yesterday. Our plan is to help students from all over the Philippines find a safe and decent place to stay in Mandaluyong while going through basic “On the Job” training programs in that hospital.
It’s no joke to travel hundreds of kilometers to a place where you do not know any one, let alone your first time to be by yourself nor even know a place where you can sleep in comfort and in peace.
In that proposal we offered students PhP200/night instead of the PhP600/night walk in rate we offer, which is almost 70% discount. It is also the lowest compared to our lowest rate we offered in agoda.com, which is PhP330 or almost 40% lower than that already-discounted rate on their website.
To avail this rate, students just need to show the following:

  1. Original authorization letter from their school signed by their Dean
  2. Parents’ letter of authorization with their phone numbers
  3. Parents’ copies of IDs
  4. Students copies of IDs
  5. Payment + Deposit

The deposit is non-refundable and is not part of the payment. For the duration of their stay, students need to make a non-refundable fee equivalent to 25% of the total fee they’re paying. Example is if the student will stay in the hostel for 7 nights, charged with PhP200/night, the student will pay 25% of this rate, which will only be PhP350.00. The said deposit will be used as a maintenance fee to support our operations and maintenance. There is no group rate, regular hostel rules will be followed, and payments can be made via our BDO account.
The head nurses, in charge of student affairs, who accepted my proposals were delighted to know that there’s a place that is walking distance or one ride away from their health center, however, we were late in submitting the proposal because this OJT season is about to start.
It is important to know too that this offer is not exclusive to medical students. It is offered to all students doing OJT in Metro Manila. If you are a student or a parent looking for a place to stay in Metro Manila and will be doing an OJT nearby Shaw-EDSA area then we’re your best location.
We are Crossroads Hostel Manila and we’re a non-smoking, family-oriented hostel property located in the heart of this metropolis. For more information visit http://bit.ly/manilahostel to see more pictures and reviews of our past clients.