If you want something more rustic then you might like living here.
This is where I grew up, well, not in this room. This is the place where I grew up most of my life from 1977 up to 1996 before I left for the United States. You will enjoy this place because it really feels like home. It has all the nostalgic feel to it and the only modern comfort you will get here are the air-conditioning units that will make you feel cool and cozy in this one-bed flat.
This second offering is much cost-effective than the first or the last one we will show you but this is Filipino home in an urban setting you may want to check in most likely. Try it out and see how it will make you feel young again as you live in a place where my family lives.
Downside: My brother loves animals and pets. He rears to mix breed of black Labrador Retreivers and they’re very friendly; Scary if you don’t like the sound of their undertone barks and the sight of a black, hair, cuddly creature in front of you. Careful, they can overpower you with their sheer strength but can ‘kill’ you with their cuddliness.
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  1. jay jay
    jay jay says:

    How many room in this private area & fully furnishe if im not mistaking?how much is it coz me & my fiance planing to stay with you for 8days maybe Oct pls reply asap


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