Crossroads Hostel Manila is open to long-term staying guests. The idea is to help guests who want to take advantage of all the amenities at a very affordable rate where we include the cost of electricity, water, and gas in the daily rate we offer. This way, you — as a potential long-term guest — will not have a problem about paying what and how much utilities you pay plus you get free Internet access using our wifi in the property.
Here are requirements you need to fulfill once you have decided to take this deal:

  1. Two (2) pcs of valid government-issued identification cards
  2. Signed Lease Agreement
  3. Two months advance (Cash Only)
  4. Your Term Deposit (depending on length of stay)

Term Deposit works as an association dues that pay for the common areas of the hostel and has nothing to do with security deposits. In fact, we do not have any security deposits so any incidental matter will be billed separately and a contract will be signed for the purpose of agreeing with all the house rules, guidelines, and policies of Crossroads Hostel Manila. Also, monthly dues/fees must be paid five days before the end of the month or earlier provided the designated date of payment falls on a holiday or on a weekend. All contracts follow a “Pay-before-you-stay” policy, which means you are to strictly pay before you are allowed to reside in the hostel. Other rules apply.
Refer to our attached graphics below and see which one will be the most advantageous for you and give us a call immediately to make a visit or to finalise your stay with us. If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to email us at or call us at (0920) 959 5747 or (02) 984-9844.
CHM Long Term Rates GreenCHM Long Term Rates Pink

One of the most compelling reasons our guests tell us why they choose Crossroads Hostel Manila other than our friendly staff and service is our location but so what right? We’re here to detail three noteworthy things about our location and why this may play an important role in your selection of a property to have you, your guests, staff, and other travelers join us.

The green house is just the fifth structure from the street corner.

The green house is just the fifth structure from the street corner.

First, our proximity to transportation hubs for buses, trains, jeepneys, tricycles, and taxis. Other properties we have are not as close, so you either walk farther or you would need to ride a tricycle, which can add up to your daily expenses.

The hostel is literally 100 meters away or about 300 steps away. We’re so close to EDSA that you can’t help but trek outside our hostel and discover all the interesting nooks and crannies you can find. No long walks, awkward bus stops, hard to reach train stops — almost every public land transportation is just right there.

By the way, this is Crossing Area. If you look at the map of Metro Manila, you will find that the intersection of EDSA slices through East and West sides of the region. People converge here for business and family stuff so it’s one of the busiest but safest place to be in because of the sheer number of residents from this area that converges in this place. Crossing has more community feel. The commercial areas are across EDSA so this place, though is crowded, is friendlier and people are from around town so you can get familiar with the person you commute with every day.

Second, we’re at the fringes of the commercial districts of Ortigas and Greenfield. This means you can access hundreds and hundred of cafes, fastfood places, bars, restaurants, movie houses, fashion boutiques, department stores, supermarkets, and conference areas. Should I say more? These places are perfect to go to after a much needed respite from a hard day’s work.

Every mall, cafe, restaurant, and entertainment life is within your reach.

Every mall, cafe, restaurant, and entertainment life is within your reach at Crossroads Hostel Manila

Third, we’re located atop a hill. In fact, the barangay’s name where we’re at is called Highway Hills. The hostel will never get flooded in the foreseeable future so our guests won’t have to worry if we’ll go under should more heavy downpour of rain persists throughout the remainder of the year or even years to come. By the way, did we mention the hostel is also built on top of a bed rock? This makes our property earthquake proof. We rarely feel the earth quake and we can assure you of that. The whole barangay sits on a solid rock so you’re safe and secure here.

We’re Crossroads Hostel Manila. We’re your hostel by EDSA and Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City. We’re the most practical location for staff housing, backpacking accommodation, and other practical uses.

For more information, please call  +63 (920) 959 5747 | +63 (2) 984 9844

CHM Cloud of Comfort 250 promoCrossroads Hostel Manila will automatically slash the price to stranded commuters and travelers during heavy rainy days. Rates will automatically be reduced to PhP250** for the night (58% drop from our regular rates) + security/incidental deposit of PhP1,000. The deposit will be returned the following morning at Check Out. You must have a valid gov’t-issued ID for security purposes to Check In and available cash. This is on a first come, first served basis and will stay in effect for the rest of 2014.

This is our way of helping our neighbors in Metro Manila get dried up, warmed up in the shower, and ready to sleep soundly and securely in our air-conditioned hostel beds.

Additionally, if you have wet Clothes? No worries. We have drying machine facilities so we can get your clothes warm again for the following day use but you can also avail our PhP25/kilo (+PhP10/kilo rush jobs, while it lasts) to wash your clothes dry and clean.

Find us on Google Maps and rush in whenever it happens!

**Per Person/Guest

Do you have questions regarding our program? No problem! Here are questions you might ask:

  1. What is CHM Bulk?
    Come on in and rest here

    Come on in and rest here

    It’s a prepaid program intended to help businesses and organisations save more money by offering low-priced per night accommodations at Crossroads Hostel Manila.
  2. Who will benefit?
    Businesses and organisations who can pay for any of the five programs offered that will fit the budget, which are all lower than what is offered by all other online vendor organisations.
  3. How much is it?
    Depending on the preferred prepaid plan, the cost can be as low as PhP8,000 to as high as PhP15,000
  4. What are my benefits?
    That’s the fun part. You get the same comforts as regular backpackers or transients. Here’s what you will get:
    1. Regular Room-keeping 2. Very Clean Bathrooms (Detached from Room) 3. Large Living Rooms Space and Dining Area 4. Access to full use of Kitchen to cook your food 5. Access to Clothes Washer and Dryer 6. 1-Minute walk to MRT/EDSA/Shaw Station 7. Minutes from Malls: Shangri-La Plaza, SM Megamall, Greenfield District, and Starmall  8. 24/7 Wifi Access (PhP999 Value!) 9. Less than 2 minute walk to Palengke (Wet Market) 10. Minutes away from Hospital (VPotenciano Hospital) 11. Hot Showers and locker storage, free of charge
  5. How do I get it? How can I apply?
    Sign up for it using this link:
    We’ll send you a billing, pay it — that’s it.
  6. How do I use it? What is the process?
    The one who signed up for it should email us the following information
    ° name of the guest/s who will use the pre-paid plan
    ° the Check In date and the Check Out date
    ° Contact information of the guest
    Note: As soon as the reservation is confirmed, the owner of the plan or the guest himself should email a copy of their valid passport or national ID.
    Note 2:As soon as the ID we will send a confirmation voucher under the person’s name.
    Note 3: Aside from Force Majeure or Acts of Nature, confirmed reservations cannot be cancelled or voided seven days from the date of arrival.
  7. Can I have my co-worker use it? Is it transferable?
    It is perfectly transferrable and the one who signed up for it should be the one endorsing it before it is taken out of the count.
  8. Can I use it in conjunction with other promos offered online like in,, etc?
    This is an independent program catered specifically to direct clients of CHM. Those vendors are our friends but this is an independent program that is different from their offers.
  9. Can I get an automatic upgrade?
    There’s no automatic upgrade for now. Watch out for more details when we announce it on social media.
  10. Can I pay it staggered? Is there a payment plan for this?
    Yes you can but within two weeks only from the time the first payment was made. We will only turn over the privilege as soon as it is 100% paid.
  11. We're a big fan of restful ambiance

    We’re a big fan of restful ambiance

    What if I missed my staggered payment commitment/deadline?
    You will lose forfeit your privilege and your money will be returned to you minus 30% service charge to process payment. We will not do money wiring using companies like Western Union and the likes.
  12. Does having this pre-paid plan guarantee me a space whenever I Check In?
    Guaranteed space happens upon approval of your request to reserve space for our guest.
  13. What’s the expiration date on this? Is there one?
    There’s no expiration, however, the guarantee is up until two years from application. But we reserve the right to stop this initiative at any time and you, the bearer, will be given six months to consume the remaining privilege of the said plan.
  14. Can I use this and re-sell the spaces?
    Yes you can. We made this program to help businesses achieve their desired goal to save on operations cost. Additionally, you — the holder of this privilege — will be the one to call for the reservation and not the guest himself/herself.
  15. Can I buy more than the prescribed amount on the face value?
    Yes you can but you pay the value of the plan and not the accumulated value of the program.
    Example: Just because you bought two (2) PhP8,000 Pre-Paid plan doesn’t mean you will get your program to PhP200/night instead of the intended PhP400/night.
  16. What forms of payment can I do to purchase this pre-paid plan?
    Cash – via Bank Direct Deposit
    Credit Card – via Paypal (with 3% service charge)

Instead paying per night, why not pay in bulk?

Instead paying per night, why not pay in bulk?

Crossroads Hostel Manila (CHM), is extending special rates to business owners and business organizations located mostly in provinces to give them more mileage for out town stay in our hostel in Metro Manila.
Introducing CHM Bulk. CHM Bulk, as the name implies, ‘bulk’ will give your operations budget better peso mileage by offering huge discounts much lower than our standard offer of PhP600/night. Why is that important? Accommodation rates in Metro Manila range from PhP700/12 hours stay (in a motel) to as high as about PhP2,000.00/night in a three-star hotel. Your company may be looking for a better deal to efficiently invest in an opportunity of housing staff and employees in Metro Manila while attending to business-led seminars and conferences in this area.
What’s more — CHM Bulk is transferable so you can use it for yourself, your team, or for any staff in your company. This way, you know you can use it once, twice, or use it all up in one or two Check Ins (because we can only accommodate thirty-guest at a “freed up day”).
As emphasized, our regular per night rate currently is anchored at PhP600 and you get more discounts if you book through,, and (thanks to them!) but with CHM Bulk, you pay as low as a third or 66% discount if your company avails of CHM Bulk.
You want 300/night rate? Pay only PhP15,000 minimum to get this deal. This gives you 50 nights of stay in our property.
The “highest” CHM Bulk per night rate is PhP375.00/night or PhP7,500 for a 20-night stay, which you can use at any time you like.
No credit card? Not a problem. We use Paypal to make billing easier for you. No need to be a Paypal member to use this feature — it’s that easy. You just tell us what you prefer and we can send you a bill immediately.
But this is only available to businesses so if you want to apply for one, you need to send us requirements to show that you are a business entity. So what are you waiting for? Email us now and we’ll get your started immediately. Contact us at to apply or call (0920) 959 5747 for more information via Viber/Whatsapp.
Rates are exclusive of 10% service charge and tax and you need to pay 3% VAT, 2% City Tax.