Crossroads Hostel Manila is open to long-term staying guests. The idea is to help guests who want to take advantage of all the amenities at a very affordable rate where we include the cost of electricity, water, and gas in the daily rate we offer. This way, you — as a potential long-term guest — will not have a problem about paying what and how much utilities you pay plus you get free Internet access using our wifi in the property.
Here are requirements you need to fulfill once you have decided to take this deal:

  1. Two (2) pcs of valid government-issued identification cards
  2. Signed Lease Agreement
  3. Two months advance (Cash Only)
  4. Your Term Deposit (depending on length of stay)

Term Deposit works as an association dues that pay for the common areas of the hostel and has nothing to do with security deposits. In fact, we do not have any security deposits so any incidental matter will be billed separately and a contract will be signed for the purpose of agreeing with all the house rules, guidelines, and policies of Crossroads Hostel Manila. Also, monthly dues/fees must be paid five days before the end of the month or earlier provided the designated date of payment falls on a holiday or on a weekend. All contracts follow a “Pay-before-you-stay” policy, which means you are to strictly pay before you are allowed to reside in the hostel. Other rules apply.
Refer to our attached graphics below and see which one will be the most advantageous for you and give us a call immediately to make a visit or to finalise your stay with us. If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to email us at or call us at (0920) 959 5747 or (02) 984-9844.
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