CHM GMA PhilPost ID 1The Philippine Postal Corporation (Philpost) launched its new security-featured identification card. The card will now be recognized like any of the government identification cards available to the public starting this month because of its new security features like a QR code that could be verified for its authenticity, the magnetic strip at the back, and its holographic image that will be the hardest to copy.
There are four to five IDs that most business and government institutions recognize and PhilPost ID is not one of them. It is paper made and it can be faked and used for identification theft. The new ID, which will be ready for issuance this month didn’t clarify in the news report where people can initially register for it, which includes four Philpost offices around Metro Manila. The ID will cost between PhP400 – PhP800 each and those with the old PhilPost IDs can exchange them for the new one at a discounted fee. Of course, this does not include the fake ones because your PhilPost IDs should be registered and verified in their data base.
Crossroads Hostel Manila will recognize this new ID as early as May 2015 when the first ones do arrive and ready for use by local residents. The ID is available for all ages and you only your birth certificate and Barangay certificate are required to register for this new card. PhilPost will be ready to gather more registration by January 2015 when all PhilPost Offices are equipped with the networked registration system.
Crossroads Hostel Manila prides itself of maintaining strict security compliance by accepting only valid Government Issued IDs as shown below in a screen shot from the same report GMA News TV shared. We will not accept Check Ins without proper identification.
CHM GMA PhilPost ID 4
If you want to know more about this new ID, you can call their customer hotline at +63 (2) 854 0888 or you can fill up a form using this link.
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GMANEWSTV broke this news and CHM picked it up in the interest of our guests.

Two ways to answer that question and the only difference between the two is if you have paid your reservation fees. If so or not, then just focus on the following things you need to prepare when you Check In to our property:

  1. Identification Card
  2. PhP1,000 Security Deposit
  3. Reservation Payment

IDENTIFICATION CARD. The only ones we recognize are Government-Issued Identification Cards that have holograms in them and examples of these are the following:

  1. Passport
  2. Driver License
  3. Universal Multi-Purpose ID (UMID)
  4. Comelec ID
  5. Philippine Regulatory Commission (PRC)
  6. SSS/GSIS ID Card
  7. Public School Identification Cards
  8. Valid NBI/PNP Clearance Documents

Unfortunately we do not allow the following:

  1. Postal ID – No
  2. BIR ID – No
  3. PhilHealth ID – No
  4. Other laminated cards

Laminated ID Cards can be reproduced and cannot be a stable form of identification. All cards must be valid (read: not expired) and that the image, information are readable and they’re signed.
SECURITY DEPOSIT. These are incidental deposits that you must make as a precautionary fund that the property may own if damages incur in the property that are but not limited to: stained linens, broken fixtures, and other similar incidents. After inspection of the premises, the guest can retrieve their deposits upon Check Out. Incidental Deposit is standard PhP1,000 or US$25.00.
BOOKING PAYMENT. Depending on the reservation, each guest must pay their stay in the hostel. Payment must be 100% of the said booking made. Extensions of stay are okay provided there are still available beds that can be booked at a moment’s notice.