Dear Guests, Meralco announced a 7 to 8 hour black out starting 7:30 AM to update their facilities in the city.
Please wake up earlier and perform all your morning duties so that when the electricity goes down you can be ready to go the nearest coffee shop and cool yourself down.
We advise you go to the nearest mall, watch a movie, eat out and try a new food you haven’t eaten before and just come back before 6PM.
We’re sorry for this inconvenience but we’re making this announcement now so you can adjust your schedules.
Thank you and have a nice day.

Are you ready to Check In? Call now and confirm your spaces with a payment.
CROSSROADS HOSTEL MANILA is once again supporting fellow small business owners. They just need to mention this article and its details to avail an additional PhP25 discount per guest per night and booking/payments/reservations must be made directly to us to avail the promotional rate.
Our regular rates are: PhP599/guest/night during weekdays and PhP699/guest/night on weekends.
Individually, If you plan to check in and check out on these dates, the following rates are as follows with discounts:

  • Tuesday, Dec 5 to Monday, 11 Dec: PhP3,744.00/guest only! (6 nights)
  • Wednesday, Dec 6 to Monday, 11 Dec: PhP3,170/guest only! (5 nights)
  • Tuesday, Dec 5 to Sunday, 10 Dec: PhP3,070.00/guest only! (5 nights)
  • Wednesday, Dec 6 to Sunday, 10 Dec: PhP2,496/guest only! (4 nights)

The following details of this promo are:

  1. Discount rates are only applicable minimum three (3) nights stay per guest and can only be availed upon payment of the minimum required number of nights.
  2. To confirm reservations, it should be fully paid to our BDO account. The details are as follows 1-2-3 ways:
    1. For the payment, (1) pay us through our BDO Savings Account under the account name Crossroads Hostel Manila Co. Ltd. with account number 693.005.4436; (2) Email us a very clear copy of your validated deposit slip at and (3) we’ll send you a confirmation voucher can print and show upon check in.
  3. Discount Rates Are also not applicable to bookings made thru online travel agencies like,,,,,, and many others. The reservations and bookings must be made directly to us.
  4. Group rates of four or more guests have an additional PhP100 discount on the total rate.

This is our way of further helping our fellow entrepreneurs looking for a place to stay that is closest to SM Megamall where the event will take place.
Call us or text us now at 09373780400 or 09189590817 or 026327737 or 029849844.

Sikat Pinoy
is a trade fair that the trade department of the national government puts up every year to help micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises from all over the country who will offer their innovative products and services to their market.
It’s Business-to-Customer (B2C) and a Business-to-Business (B2B) affair where local businesses can partner up with counterparts who can supply such products and offered locally and internationally.
FROM Sikat Pinoy’s Facebook Page the event this year says,
“This year’s edition of the Sikat Pinoy National Trade Fair will have the “balanghai” as its centerpiece. Beyond its function as a watercraft used for inter-island travel and trade by our ancestors, the balanghai also represented the early Filipino society’s most basic socio-political unit, which has now evolved into our present-day barangays.
Aboard these wood-pegged boats, early Filipinos ferried communities through the archipelago and to our neighbors in an effort to maintain trade relations. With the renewed focus on the One Town One Product (OTOP) concept, the balanghai is definitely the fitting symbol to draw in the unique contributions across regions while linking the Filipino traditional values of community, creativity, and commerce. With its unique historical significance, the balanghai is indeed a national testament of Filipino innovation, bayanihan, and entrepreneurial spirit. Both OTOP and the balanghai truly resonate with the vision of the National Economic Development Program to promote inclusive growth for all sectors.
The Sikat Pinoy National Trade Fair will be first and foremost a showcase of the products of 240 One Town One Product (OTOP) micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) engaged in the manufacture of gifts, houseware and decor, wearables, fashion accessories, furniture and furnishings, household linen, corporate give-aways, processed food, and health and wellness products. Representing all regions of the country, the MSMEs will be offering their products for retail sales to consumers, as well as for order-taking from institutional buyers.
Aside from OTOP products, the fair will also display the products of beneficiaries of the DTI’s Shared Services Facilities (SSF) Project as well as selected machineries and equipment. The SSF is one of the strategies of DTI which is aimed at increasing the productivity and improving the competitiveness of MSMEs by providing them with machinery, equipment, and tools under a shared system.
Other highlights include an area specially allocated for the Bangon Marawi Program where affected MSMEs will exhibit their products to give them the opportunity to rebuild their businesses which were affected by the recent crisis. As in all other Sikat Pinoy fairs, a Coffee Pavilion will offer choice coffee and local blends from all over the country.
The Sikat Pinoy National Trade Fair is organized by the Department of Trade and Industry through the Bureau of Domestic Trade Promotion (BDTP) in cooperation with the DTI’s Regional and Provincial Offices.
Open during mall hours from December 6 to 10, 2017, the fair is open to the public. Admission is free.
For more information, please call DTI-BDTP at 751-3223, or email”

Beat the traffic in Metro Manila this holiday gift shopping and check in to our hostel this Christmas season.


Crossroads Hostel Manila opens its doors to Ortigas area workers wanting to have stress-free shopping experience by staying in our hostel until the next day to relax.

WE’RE OPENING OUR DOORS to local residents and other travelers to try our hostel for their Christmas Shopping Holiday needs.
Some possible scenarios and sentiments for you to better understand who we are trying to reach:
Richard: “I have to buy holiday gifts for my relatives but traffic is a huge problem and I need to do these shopping right now because I’ll be busy in the days to come. I wish there was a place I can stay that won’t charge a lot.”
Anna: “I have kuya and ate coming over and I don’t have a place for them to stay but it will be a great place to bond and go shopping the following day with them. Saan kaya?”
Jelay: “May Christmas party ako sa lugar na ito pero wala akong matutuluyan. Paano kaya ito, malayo pa man din ako nakatira. Meron kayang affordable place dito na puwede ako maka-rent na mura?”
kjo-201700057 - creating crossroads map v12107144652..jpg

Just 100 meters from EDSA and you’ll have more time shopping because how close we are in malls and other dining destinations

Crossroads Hostel Manila is conveniently located near MRT  Shaw Blvd Station and malls where you can shop and dine. We’re a budget accommodation for travelers who have different needs. So why not shop, sleep in our hostel this weekend, and leave the following day for a traffic-free ride back home. Yeah?
Our hostel, a dorm-type accommodation, welcomes male and female guests. When you stay with us, you are given help — help to your budget and to the constraints you may have during these year-end days.
Our facilities are air-conditioned and you pay not just the matress and linens that come with the bed but also free use of kitchen, fast Internet speeds of up to 50mbps, Premium Cable Television viewing in our community space, and customer service that will make you feel like you’re home away from home.
Because we’re not a 24-7 facility, you have to pre-Check In before you do your shopping so you can grab your keys after you’ve paid your overnight stay and surrendered your government-issued IDs. Also, remember that the place is strictly for paid guests so this means unregistered guests cannot stay inside the facilities.
So plan your schedules ahead and tell us — for as much as we can — how can we help your accommodation needs for you or your friends and family.

  • PRICE: PhP599/guest/night between Mondays to Thursdays and PhP699/guest/night between Friday nights to Sunday nights. (Note: Without taxes and admin fees, it’s only like paying PhP568/night only on weekends); Security Deposit is not included.
  • FACILITIES: Air-conditioned rooms, beddings, linens, use of kitchen, use of Internet at speeds of up to 50mbps, 100+ sqm of livable space, heated showers, general housekeeping service, and our valuable customer service (Do you want us to call your taxi?)
  • PAYMENT: Pay in advance and pay in cash. Call us at 0937-378-0400 for more details for bank account details where you can deposit your payment.
  • RESERVATIONS: SMS/Call +639373780400, Send us an inquiry at, email us at
  • CHECK IN/OUT TIMES: 2 PM to Check In daily, 12NN to Check Out daily (We’re not a 24/7 property so it is important to check in early before 8 PM or ask our concierge how we can help you)

You can also book your stay with us using BOOKING.COM or if you need more information, drop us a line!
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Our lockers are big enough to store carry on luggage but please do not store food inside.

We want our guests to feel more safe. We want them to leave this place happy and more secure.
Please use our lockers. It’s free to use. There’s no rent to pay.
What to put inside?
Our lockers are located outside rooms and they’re sturdy and tough. You just need to buy yourself a padlock to use it.
Put your wallets, your gadgets, your laptops, some of your clothes, cash, jewelry, and other valuables you prize, however, please do not put liquid, food stuff, and other goods that ants would attack.
Trust but…
A poem: Friends inside this hostel you will meet but in all the travels you do, especially if you have limited resources, please keep a safer distance if you know what we mean.
Hostel Policy
Know that in a budget place like this, we are not insured to cover your lost items so know that you are sole responsible for the things you own and keep. Keep strangers as friends but keep those who come closer be on a watch list. Trust but never trust TOO MUCH.
While we want to raise concerns about safety and security, please do have fun but all we want to convey is to be responsible always. The journey of life is still long and more adventures wait for those who avoid being wrong.

IS YOUR IDEA of an affordable accommodation this…

And this…

With free use of this…

And free use of other cool stuff like these…

That is strategically located liked this…

Then come on over and enjoy a relaxing, peaceful time at our hostel.
Hostels are far more different and more accommodating than you could ever imagine, most of those I know are.
Crossroads Hostel Manila offers not just a bed to stay in but a home away from home. Their rooms air conditioned and their showers? It’s heated.  The place also offers fast cable broadband internet wifi connection at up to 50mbps (by Philippines standards, that’s fast!) including free use of kitchen, lockers, and decent beddings that have their towels changed daily just for you.
100 meters away from the MRT, Bus stop, taxi and Jeepney stops, and you could get to the hostel FROM airport at php40 only!
It’s much, much less than 1,000 pesos. It’s only php699 per night or less than €12 or <US$14. ON weekday nights you pay Php100 less or Php599/night only. (Note: Security Deposits not included)
We would rather ask you to google it for yourself so that you can see what other people are saying about our hostel.
We are a small player in the industry of the hostel business but one thing that we have that we will continue to carry on when we have guests here is the heart to serve. That is not a cliche. Because whether you are from a foreign country or you are coming from a nearby or far flung provinces of The Philippines, the filipino way of hospitality will never leave us in this place. It is the very foundation why Crossroads Hostel Manila was built. We have envisioned this place to be the starting point of all travelers going to and fro different destinations where their hearts will lead them. To us this is just a house but for you if you see something else then we know we have done our job. Come on over visit us and check out what it is that makes The Philippines shine no matter the challenges we face everyday. To that Crossroads Hostel Manila wants to say, Mabuhay!
Join us! Ask and we’ll be here for you.

SEARCHING FOR A PLACE TO STAY IN ORTIGAS AREA? Wait no more because we’re asking you to try our place for your visit in Ortigas.
Why? We’re affordable at PhP699/night/guest and you have premium access to our hostel amenities.

20170328_185311 bermuda sign

Several hotels line up nearby EDSA where the MRT Shaw Blvd station is

We attract business people and those who have commitments going to Ortigas and why not? We’re a minute walk to the Shaw Boulevard MRT station where you can ride this going to the airport for a total budget of only PhP40.00/way.
As it is, traditional motels and inns offer higher rates but don’t really provide value-added service. 3-Star Hotels are good and very comfortable, but most business people wouldn’t want to shell out more money for they just stay there to sleep. Spending more than PhP3,500/night is not really cost efficient.
As a shared accommodation, Crossroads Hostel Manila is a growing alternative (and favorite!) for business owners and business professionals. We offer shared spaces among travelers with bunk beds (double-deck beds) that allow more guests to room in giving some travelers the ability to have co-workers join them in one room.
It’s an optimal choice for small business owners with limited budget, likewise, big businesses can take advantage of it too who sends group of delegates to Metro Manila.
Again for as little as PhP599/guest/night (Weekday nights rate) versus PhP1,000+/guest/night in other nearby accommodations, Crossroads Hostel Manila offers full use of their kitchen and its amenities, air-conditioned rooms, secured lockers, heated showers, cable television viewing and comfortable single beds complete with bedding and towels and many more. Their Internet access is up to 50mbps using cable broadband technology so more people can share Internet speed.
Not only is it affordable but it offers decent rooms and functional amenities
20170725_152925 crowne plaza

One of the more popular destinations for nurses and other professionals coming to Metro Manila for job interviews and meetings.

So if your destination are either of these top places in Ortigas area…

  1. National Headquarters of the Philippines Red Cross
  2. SM Megatrade Hall in SM Megamall
  3. POEA (Philippine Overseas Employment Agency) for skilled workers and professionals who renew their memberships and documents
  4. Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) for public servants in provinces who attend further schooling in the said government institution
  5. PICPA (Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants) for CPA graduates and practitioners who attend seminars and conferences
  7. NCMH (National Center for Mental Health) for professionals seeking license renewal as part of their requirements and family members who visit loved ones in the hospital
  8. BRITISH COUNCIL for their IELTS Exams (Taipan Building)
  9. Crowne Plaza (for Nursing Interview Exams)
  10. DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs) for Passport Renewals at SM Megamall Building A

…then Crossroads Hostel Manila is the accommodation for you.
Go inquire here
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Or thru our Facebook Page where you can chat with us or SMS/Call us at 0937 378 0400.
Key words people used when they did Google search:

  • “Hostel in or near Ortigas or Accommodation in Ortigas”
  • “Cheapest hotel along EDSA or along Shaw Boulevard”
  • “Budget Rooms for rent in Ortigas”
  • “Bed space for rent near Ortigas”
  • “Affordable rooms near EDSA or Ortigas”



Go get that rest you deserve. Use our facilities for your siesta times.

FOR SOME, napping has a related stigma and it’s most likely equated as being lazy or a lack of effort to become productive. For the rest, it is a human invention that will pay back more if you know how its going to do your body good.  Some parts of the world virtually sleep in the afternoon so they can be more alert and more productive to finish the balance of their activities in the day. This was further confirmed in a study that we read in post where people who took naps had better concentration and had improved cognitive function than those who stress and refuses to take naps.
That’s why we opened up a new service at our hostel where you can have your Siyesta (sleep) time and be more effective after a nap at Crossroads Hostel Manila. This new program can help you become more effective at work and contribute better with more alertness and focus. Naps are proven to do what sleep-deprived cannot do and that is to re-energize themselves.
For 75 cents a minute, you can rest and take a standard 45 minutes nap or extend it for at least 90 mins because for as low as PhP90.00, you can sleep for two hours. These are the rates:

  • Procedure
    • CHECK IN, Register, Surrender Govt ID, Pay, Log In Time In:
      • Basic Service, PhP45 (60 mins stay from Check In to Check Out + 5 mins grace period)
      • Basic Service + Shower, PhP65.00 (75 mins stay with 5 mins grace period)
      • BEST VALUE, PhP100 (2-hour stay with shower and Internet Access + 5 min grace period)
        • Excess minute is PhP1.00 past Time Out
    • CHECK OUT, Pay Balance, Time Out and Receive Payment
  • Additional Service: Wake Up Call (+PhP20), Locker Service (+PhP50)
  • Disclaimer
    • Not Responsible if guests cannot sleep. Payment is non-refundable but duration of time can be spent within the hostel
    • Not Responsible if you woke up when other guests checks in in the same room. Charges are based on the use of facilities.
    • Facilities to be used are the same sleeping dorms others guests use.
    • All guests are subject to hostel rules and guidelines
    • Valid government-issued ID is required upon check in with payment of service
    • Service is open only with available space. No space, no service.
    • Service cut off starts at 6 AM until accepts napping service until 5 PM (last call) for napping check out of 7PM.


THESE ARE TOP REASONS for 2017 why more and more travelers chose Crossroads Hostel Manila as their accommodation when they travel here to this area.

  1. LOCATION — Crossroads Hostel Manila is Top choice when it comes to appointments in this area.
  2. BUSINESS CONFERENCE and MEETINGS — 52% of those surveyed visited us due to business meetings and seminars. A strategic place who want to attend their appointments without much traffic and could just walk without spending much on public transportation. 23% checked in because of personal reasons. This could also be business in nature but they decline to state what it is.
  3. STAY ONE NIGHT Of course we want you to stay longer but 43% of guests stayed with us for one night and why? They want to try out our services, however, 37% says they want to stay up to three nights with us and perhaps they’re the ones who have returned to us for a second trip or our community of Crossroaders are growing.
  4. THE PRICE — Aside from the right location, 18% said they decided to stay with us because of the right price. That may seem low but it counts a lot because another 18% things that their money is will be well spent because of the value and the service they already received before.
  5. VERY FAST INTERNET — We employed the power of 50mbps broadband cable Internet and our guests were not left disappointed. In fact, it is one of the consistent reasons why guests continue to tell their friends and family about one of the services we offer.
  6. CLEANLINESS — We rate tops when it comes to cleanliness according to our reviews and you can see the reasons why when you check in and we would like you to comment.
  7. USE OF TECHNOLOGY — We give guests additional tips to help them navigate around Metro Manila. Whether local or foreign guests, we make sure we give the right advice when they want it and as they need it.
  8. PERSONALIZED SERVICE — Each guest have its own needs and we make sure to be available to our guests whenever possible. Do they need us to arrange a cab, we got it! Do they need us to provide them maps of tourist places and where to go, we provide it! Do they need tips and recommendations where to eat, we research it! We all make time for our guests and we do it as much as we can.
  9. COMPLETE KITCHEN — Well, almost — we do not have an oven! No cooking charge and you can cook your favorite meal using our kitchen at no additional cost.

These are just some of the reasons why more and more people come to us because we’re not just about our beds. We’re not just about price but we’re about making sure you have the right experience that comes with the right price.
So come on over and check us out because Crossroads Hostel Manila can speak your language of love.
Inquire now on our Facebook Page: or book yourself using these links: agoda,,, via traveloka, hostelworld, and AsiaTravel.


A women full of energy and will, Ms. Li came to the hostel at past 5AM. The time when the hostel was still closed.

Ms. Lu came banging on the hostel’s doors at 5:00 AM. The owner saw her on his CCTV monitor after hearing his dog’s persistent barking on that fateful early morning of the 24th of October.

Visibly upset, Ms. Lu waited for more than ten minutes before the door was opened for her. The owner was explaining the situation but language became a barrier and so did emotions.

Groggy, Kris, the owner, recognized the guest the first time he saw her on the monitor. She came days before to check the property but that doesn’t matter anymore so he quickly walked down with pajamas and slippers and boom! The usual quiet ‘pre-dusk’ morning turned into ‘war zone’. In her Chinese tongue she screamed and said things the owner can only comprehend but will to understand her situation. The owner was caught flat-footed because she was not to check in until 2 PM and so he tried to plead and almost got caught up with the bad situation.
The active, 70-year old lady calmed after several prodding, convinced that Crossroads Hostel Manila did its part to get in touch with her the day before. The hostel sent her an SMS message via long-distance  — reminding her to get in touch because the property does not operate 24/7.
No luck.
She apparently changed her SIM from China to a local one. (Editor’s Note: For guests who do not know, CHM is not a 24-7 property. Meaning, it’s not a regular hotel where you can just come in during the “dead-hours” of the night to get a place to stay. The company wishes it were but it cannot. It only gets a few number of red-eye flight guests and it won’t be wise to keep on paid daily salary.) But the good thing was, she relented. She noticed how much ‘beating’ the owner got and how he absorbed each verbal blows she made, he didn’t retaliate. In the end, she surprised the owner by saying in broken English, “You go up and you go to sleep. I stay here and rest (pointing at the couch).” She knows her time is not until 2 PM but the owner changed tacked and asked if she will leave any time at sunrise because she might go again without any keys to the hostel. The owner registered her promptly knowing that she will leave sometime 8 AM to tour Metro Manila.
All of this happened and finished before 6 AM — but no more sleeping. The owner has to prepare for the day.
Ms. Lu stayed for the next two nights but the owner made sure to help her with her inquiries because of the language barrier. He helped her by asking what her purpose was to be in Manila and what her plans were. He helped her by suggesting places where to go and how much she should spend on transportation knowing there are ‘vultures’ who may prey on unsuspecting guests like her who doesn’t know what the “system” is for such public transportation drivers who’d offer her a ride. The owner also helped her by introducing Google Translate app where one can choose the language to translate by just speaking to it. Technology did a lot of wonders and help the two varied languages but the owner and guest suddenly that culturally, there is less to be afraid of and more to take part of. Ms. Lu quickly realized that the owner went for it and what happened to fer first night of stay was an isolated incident. Quickly, both understood the short-comings of each other and both accepted each other’s mistakes and quickly turned it into a friendship.
Ms. Lu was supposed to return a night later to the hostel but she cancelled all her plans and extended one more night to bridge the two other nights that she already pre-booked using All in all, she stayed five nights.

The once, seemingly bad situation became a happy ending making the owner feel sad because Ms. Lu appreciated the services the owner gave and this matter to her stay in the hostel.

She left the hostel with the owner feeling sad knowing what he experienced from the ageing woman may be an emotional roller coaster ride but a wonderful opportunity to let the woman understand that she has a home away from home in Crossroads Hostel Manila.
The woman left the owner a gift and even told him that she reminded him of her host back in Spain where she stayed in April this year where the owner was as meticulous and details in making sure the guest was treated well.
The owner is by no means a ‘legendary superhero’ superman and this is not to say that he’s perfect. The owner swears he’s far from that.
He said this story is about respect. This story, he said, is about care and no matter what the situation is — every thing got well and it was resolved because each one knows there’s power in humility and it is in this advantage that every other businesses can thrive knowing there’s always room for improvement. There’s a story to be learned and Crossroads Hostel is brimming with treasures of discoveries that happened and will be waiting to happen.
Ms. Lu used to reserve her space with Crossroads Hostel Manila. Discover, discover Crossroads Hostel Manila.


Our Google Plus page on mobile format. Such a great opportunity to be in touch with you all.

YOU CAN NOW get more updates and content with our newest social media space on the Internet.
With our Goolge+ Page a whole new world of information opens up and a community of Philippines-loving community are on-hand to share with you common but beautiful experiences about The Philippines.
Try us and we’d love to hear from you too.
We have 31 followers on hand prior to this launch and we’d love to see this number grow but more importantly we’d love to grow in character as well and we won’t be able to do this without you “plusing” on our page. Are you ready? Come and follow us today!