Security Deposit is important when you check in to any hostels here in The Philippines.

No payment, we just hold the amount until you check out.
We hold them in trust so that there’s a minimal payment in our care in case guests break something while they are staying in the property.
We don’t consider it as a sale.
It’s just there for to guarantee that there’s a parity between the guest and the property to make sure the use of amenities are within order.
This guide will show the allowance each guest must prepare for Security Deposit when they check in:
Per Guest – PhP500 (roughly 8.50 Euros, 65 Yuan, US$10, 7.50 UK Pounds) *used to be PhP1,000
Individual guests
1 – 6 nights stay = PhP500/guest
7 – 12 nights stay = PhP1,000/guest
13 – 18 nights stay = PhP1,500/guest
19 nights or more = PhP2,000/guest
Group (four+)
1 – 6 nights stay = PhP2000/Group
7 – 18 nights stay = PhP5000/Group
19 nights or more = PhP8,000/Group
Guests are equally responsible to get back their security deposits but we would gladly deposit it to their bank accounts should in the midst of confusion, it wasn’t returned. We always work for the benefit of all our guests.
Policies may change without prior notice as blogs may be old but know we’ll be fair and equitable.
Should you have questions regarding this, call us at +63 937 378 0400.

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