Go get that rest you deserve. Use our facilities for your siesta times.

FOR SOME, napping has a related stigma and it’s most likely equated as being lazy or a lack of effort to become productive. For the rest, it is a human invention that will pay back more if you know how its going to do your body good.  Some parts of the world virtually sleep in the afternoon so they can be more alert and more productive to finish the balance of their activities in the day. This was further confirmed in a study that we read in sleepfoundation.org post where people who took naps had better concentration and had improved cognitive function than those who stress and refuses to take naps.
That’s why we opened up a new service at our hostel where you can have your Siyesta (sleep) time and be more effective after a nap at Crossroads Hostel Manila. This new program can help you become more effective at work and contribute better with more alertness and focus. Naps are proven to do what sleep-deprived cannot do and that is to re-energize themselves.
For 75 cents a minute, you can rest and take a standard 45 minutes nap or extend it for at least 90 mins because for as low as PhP90.00, you can sleep for two hours. These are the rates:

  • Procedure
    • CHECK IN, Register, Surrender Govt ID, Pay, Log In Time In:
      • Basic Service, PhP45 (60 mins stay from Check In to Check Out + 5 mins grace period)
      • Basic Service + Shower, PhP65.00 (75 mins stay with 5 mins grace period)
      • BEST VALUE, PhP100 (2-hour stay with shower and Internet Access + 5 min grace period)
        • Excess minute is PhP1.00 past Time Out
    • CHECK OUT, Pay Balance, Time Out and Receive Payment
  • Additional Service: Wake Up Call (+PhP20), Locker Service (+PhP50)
  • Disclaimer
    • Not Responsible if guests cannot sleep. Payment is non-refundable but duration of time can be spent within the hostel
    • Not Responsible if you woke up when other guests checks in in the same room. Charges are based on the use of facilities.
    • Facilities to be used are the same sleeping dorms others guests use.
    • All guests are subject to hostel rules and guidelines
    • Valid government-issued ID is required upon check in with payment of service
    • Service is open only with available space. No space, no service.
    • Service cut off starts at 6 AM until accepts napping service until 5 PM (last call) for napping check out of 7PM.


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