STUDENTS who will use the facilities for their school needs will enjoy a much lower rate of only PhP10,000.00/month++. The rate does not include Security Deposit of PhP3,000/guest. The rate also does not include the 15% operations fee that helps maintain the facilities and the 5% taxes that includes City and State taxes.
With fees and taxes included, the amount would be at PhP12,075/month/student.
This is much lower than the regular rate for a one (1) month (29 nights) stay guest who will fork PhP15,758.00/month which is still much lower than the regular non-discounted average nightly rate of PhP662/night or a total of PhP19,198.00, however, there’s nothing to fear because the longer you stay, the lower the amount is for you to pay.
We also have not include the Group Rate. If there’s three (3) or more of you joining in then you have the following discounts

  • 3+ OJT students = PhP10 discount/night/guest off of the base per guest/rate
  • 5+ OJT students = PhP25 discount/night/guest off of the base per guest/rate
  • 7+ OJT students = PhP35 discount/night/guest off of the base per guest/rate

As you can see, you can save a lot just by adding more batch mates from your class.
Much of our students who fulfill their OJT requirements and stay with us work at the nearby National Center for Mental Health (NCMH), Rappler, CNN, and Shangri-La Hotel to name a few.
You can always call or SMS us at +63 937 378 0400 or message us on Facebook when you LIKE OUR PAGE.

WE’VE RECEIVED so many inquiries and many ask for a lower price.
We understand the concern but let us help you with more background on what our hostel is.
People mistake Crossroads Hostel like any other ‘Transient Place” where people pay for an ordinary “bed space” on a daily basis, however, we’re not just a bed space — we’re a hostel. A hostel is a property created mainly for backpackers today but we’ve evolved into something else, we’re not just for backpackers but we’re also for business professionals and travelers looking for a budget place to stay.
Budget doesn’t mean cheap, it just means affordable. Affordable because the place offers value to all of its customer traveling this way in the Central Business District (CBD) area of Ortigas shared by the chartered cities of Mandaluyong, Pasig, and Quezon businesses.


We try to make it the most comfortable space you can have at a fraction of a cost located here in the heart of Metro Manila

Our place offers more than 100 square meters of space where every visitor can lounge, cook, and relax in the comforts of a bungalow home.
If you can imagine it, we’re like the home of your favorite evening reality show, Pinoy Big Brother where every Filipino know the place as ‘Bahay Ni Kuya’ (Big Brother’s House). So you’re not confined inside your bedroom inside where you share with other travelers.
Each bedroom is air-conditioned and our rooms have as much as eight beds inside. Our beds have curtains so you can sleep without the prying eyes of another neighbor so a sense of privacy is still maintained. It is cleaned every single day by our housekeeper and your towels are changed every day, your linens every other four days.

It’s a simple but value-driven space you can always count on from us

Our kitchen is as complete as you can get. You may not be able to bake but with all the amenities inside this kitchen you will be able to cook delicious but budget meals to your heart’s content.
We’re located at the heart of Metro Manila. That’s no joke. You go to Google Maps and you type Crossroads Hostel Manila and you’ll see from the map that our location when viewed zoomed out from the map that we’re in the middle of every strategic place you can think of going to. EDSA is just a minute walk away and the entrance to the MRT train (SHAW Boulevard Station) is just right there for your taking.
The wet market where you can buy fresh produce, meat, and other staple foods you like is just five minutes walk away with a pharmacy just beside it.
So with a price of PhP699, taxes included, why settle for a motel that won’t give you that home atmosphere that you want to be in when the comforts and security of home is just right there at Crossroads Hostel Manila.
This is no spiel, no marketing talk — it’s as plain as you can experience it from people who’ve been here the first time, the second time, and those who call our place their home away from home.
For your next travel to Metro Manila and Ortigas area, come consider us and see what we mean because as travelers we make it our business to give you the hospitality every local or foreign traveler deserves.

Crossroads Hostel Manila’s name initially came from the name, “Cross Street”. Yes, we were called Cross Street Hostel before. Shocking isn’t it? Hahaha. Not quite but there’s a more meaningful story that came from a guest who stayed with us, an Adventist pastor, months ago.
He asked why we named our hostel to be and we casually told him because of three reasons:

  1. First, the area where we are is called ‘Crossing Area’ where business and trade ‘crosses’ each other via main thoroughfares, EDSA and Shaw Boulevard.
  2. Every traveler who’s on a recreation or vacation would somehow need to clear their heads and therefore travel because they are on a proverbial, “Crossroad” in their lives;
  3. Lastly, the owners are Christians and the place was honored in part to Jesus Christ who gave himself on the ‘Cross’ for the salvation of many who are lost.

They’re profound reasons, I thought, until this pastor told me a story of the good Samaritan of the Christian Bible (Luke 10:25-37) where a man was cared for by a Samaritan who brought him to, where? An Inn (v. 34).  It is said that those who did not do any thing for the badly beaten man could’ve stayed in the same property and the Inn Keeper became part of that famous parable Jesus said.

20170511_221821 aglipayan

I forgot his name but this pastor changed the meaning of what Crossroads Hostel Manila is from this day forward.

Another story, he said, was when the baby Jesus was born in a manger because — as the story goes — “…there was no guest room available for them.” (Luke 2:7).
The pastor then told me that I, as the hostel owner, have a profound role to play in the lives of many who come before Crossroads Hostel Manila because not only are the two stories significant but Jesus was part of those two stories: One, he used it as a Parable to teach; Two, Jesus was part of the story.
It should be noted that in both instances, the Inn Keeper accommodated many who are in need and indeed having this hostel and managing it is very profound for many and its meaning will forever be etched in the purpose and story of this hostel moving forward in history.
A Christmas Story indeed.
Merry Christmas to one and all.
Want to know the Christmas Story? Click here.
Want to read more about The Good Samaritan? Get it here.

WE’RE SCRATCHING OUR HEADS what to do with the recently approved tax reform in my country. While it gives more small companies like Crossroads Hostel leeway in shielding itself from Value Added Tax (VAT), it will have to contend with the advent of having to pay more in operations cost making it more challenging for us to offset the cost of utilities especially in the coming summer months of March.
Summer, like anywhere else in the world, is increasingly getting warmer and that means higher use of air-conditioners to cool yourself off and more frequent times to open the refrigerators to get your cold drinks or to freeze your drinks.
That’s a lot of money.
Electricity rates in The Philippines are on of the highest in Asia (16th in the World!) and it’s extra challenging for us to get more people to go to The Philippines, let alone have them stay in our hostel because of appointments they have in the nearby Ortigas area.
We’ll take the challenge and hopefully, we’ll come out a winner because whatever investment our guests give us, we put it back to develop our hostel further.
Here’s to creativity in how to get things right.

To give way to our staff and our hostel a deserving rest for the new year, we’re closing our doors starting Saturday, December 23rd until Monday, 1st January 2018.
Every year, we use this time to clean our hostel from top to bottom and preparing for the new year and to give our hardworking staff the rest they deserve.
December is a slow month for us but surprisingly, we got a good share of guests in the first week and it helped us a bit offset a very challenging year. We don’t mind. A blessing is a blessing and we’ll take anything to bring our message of service and commitment ’til the new year, 2018.
We’ll be open still to accommodate guests around these dates: Up to Friday, Dec 22 and between Tuesday, December 26 up to Saturday, December 30th but it has to be walk in guests and check ins are still up to 8pm only.
CLOSED FOR BUSINESS: December 23rd, 24th and 25th and December 30th, 31st, January 1st 2018.
Thank you all for making our hostel an insightful one. We will remember 2017 where challenges abound but we always hope and persevere because there’s a BIGGER HOPE more than we can all imagine.

2016 and 2017 are not fun years. In fact, we saw a continued decline of number of guests when we thought 2015 was the start of our stellar year since we opened in 2012 (officially on paper, 2014). Our previous data in 2013, 2014, and 2015 showed a continued rise in the number of guests checking in. The number of foreign guests as opposed to local guests number is 33% to 66% respectively and 2016 saw the start of the decline that continued on this year.
Despite challenges, 2017 will be the first time we will say thank you publicly and we hope this will also give you a perspective of why people use our place to travel when their destination is Ortigas CBD and nearby institutions.
In no particular order, thank you Philippine Seven Corporation (7-Eleven Phils.) and Department of Trade and Industry for spreading the word and continuing to choose our place whenever possible in sending your staff and exhibitors that participate in the training and trade shows. The shows may not be as much in number as we want them to be but your loyalty is prized so salamat po!
We noticed a continued rise in the number of students in the discipline of Psychology and Occupational Therapy using our space as their preferred place of residence during their On-the-Job-Training (OJT) here in the nearby National Center for Mental Health. We noticed that students from De La Salle University — Dasmariñas are more and more discovering more reasons why they feel our place is perfect for their continued practice in their desired field of study. We thank their parents for entrusting us their wards and we’re equally thankful that we have become part of their careers as they continue to achieve their dreams and goals.
We’ve seen a steady growth of professionals choosing our place in order to complete documentation of their plan to go abroad and be part of the work force that continues to help our economy. The Philippine Overseas Employment Agency is one of those important places that we observed more and more employee-candidates are going to and they continue to feel that Crossroads Hostel Manila is the place to go when it comes to proximity and accessibility is concerned in attending their needs from that government agency.
Despite the economic hardships our hostel is facing for two years now, these are just some of the reasons why travelers choose this property for their needs. We’re not the usual hostel where backpackers may go to and for a lot of reasons we choose to be a business hostel rather than a youth hostel because of our location.
The next time you plan to do your appointments whether it is to attend a workshop-seminar in the nearby PICPA or the Development Academy of the Philippines, completing your English proficiency with the help of IELTS that the The British Council hosts, or upgrading your resumé with a seminar on Construction Safety and Hazards with Tatweer and Richville Hotel — then we are your hostel because we offer safe, secure, clean, and quiet space where you can relax and be part of a community that works hard for the future of their choosing.

The hostel reported losses in revenue from the low turn out of guests between March and October and the consistent rise in utilities and government’s recent report of inflation.
A good number of guests turn out in November and December could not make up for the loss it incurred in the past months of 2017, however, this is not stopping the hostel from being aggressive in applying marketing strategies using Google and Facebook to keep the brand of the hostel growing and keeping its old and new market aware of its presence in the Ortigas Central Business District (CBD).


Any thing that produces warmth and frigid air costs a lot because more energy is required for these appliances which are important to the comfort of guests coming in.

“We’re okay but we’re not making money the way businesses are suppose to be making profit to pour it back into the business and improve the property’s features and services.” says its owner Kristoffer Atienza. “What’s making it more challenging for us are the rising costs of utilities and the impending nature of inflation that seems to be in a free fall right now. Inflation in The Philippines is up from 1.4 points in 2014 to a high of 3.5 now as reported by the country’s Central Bank. Inflation is bad news for a micro business like Crossroads Hostel Manila because it dictates the price of goods and services that the hostel relies on to deliver its promise to its customer.
“The number one ‘enemy’ of property businesses in the country are our utilities. I constantly pay the electric company, Meralco, between 20% to 40% off of my gross sales and that does not include yet the manpower, maintenance, and other taxes I have to pay the city and the state.” added Atienza.
To keep its hopes alive, the hostel is banking on the high ratings it keeps receiving from guests and this is the saving grace for Atienza. The hostel is rating a high of >9 of 10 stars and a low of 4.4/5 stars depending on what online travel agency you book from or make your reservations from.
“So far, the interest is there and I have barely scratched the surface of my local market, which I am banking on the heaviest. Without them, my business is done for.” lamented Atienza.
2018 seems to be a good year as it is now receiving inquiries from local evangelical churches all over the country for January and if the bookings are up then more guests can be sure that the owner will fend off any rising costs of utilities that is plaguing the property right now. “No one wants to raise prices to help you offset costs but in an economy where you saw a dip in the number of guests coming in into the country, you have to do something to make sure you have consistent number of guests coming in and adding more price cuts is not going to be beneficial for us because the labor you put in is not something you put a discount on. Discounts are an incentive and not a way to attract more business. So we’ll see how it goes and I only hope we can have a brighter 2018 with more guests coming in and enjoying the services we offer in this area of Metro Manila.”
We hope all the best for Crossroads Hostel Manila. For reservations, please call (0937) 378 0400 or add yourself on their FB page here to send them an inquiry.

No problem! Now you can pay your hostel reservations thru Paypal. We’ve made it much easier for you if in case money is not available. We only need your valid email address and you can pay your reservations fast, easy, and trouble-free.
paypal-logoIn The Philippines, mode of cash payments are more frequent than Credit Cards but with foreign guests making their reservations thru Facebook, they can now confirm their bookings made directly with Crossroads Hostel Manila.
Booking your stay with us is much easier with a confirmed reservation especially during months when there are trade shows, conferences, and seminars happening in nearby event places in Ortigas where we are close. So we advice using Paypal when you want to make your reservations to our hostel.
Also please note that we will impose a 5% add-on fee when making payments using Paypal to offset any surcharges the facility imposes on us. But mention this article and we will waive those fees and you will get your payments add-on fee free.
Try it today and guarantee your booking with paid reservations using Paypal.