SOMETHING to smile about.
Gallup International’s 41st Annual Global End of Year Survey ranked The Philippines as the top three countries who were happiest in 2017. Fiji topped the survey with Columbia ranking second in a field of fifty-five countries.
Filipinos have been known to be hospitable, caring, and always smiling. This survey shows the Filipinos’ resiliency no matter what crisis comes its way. You can see this once you get to different places every where in the country. It’s as if each Filipino was born to make guests feel more welcome and see what their country is all about.

Filipino children play in  a flooded street

Nothing will dampen the happiness in Filipinos.

Despite calamities, disasters, hardships in economy, you name it — if you’re Filipino, what do you think attributes that kind of happiness despite economic problems and recent political noises? We would like to hear your wiser opinion and share your thoughts in the comments section.
For those of you who are curious what makes our happiness waterproof, bulletproof and more — visit out country and see what makes us resilient. It’s something you can only find out up close and personal.
(Footnote: Image is from Living in The Philippines blog; Featured Image is from A Couple of Countries blog; Thank you to you all.)