SUMMER heat has gone from hot to hotter every year and this season is no exception. With temperatures (heat index) rising up to 42ºC to 45ºC in the country, you would like to be more comfortable than ever before.
In our studies, the most appropriate times to use the A/C and give our guests the comfort are between 6PM and 6AM when you come back from work and through the rest of the evening when you need to sleep.
Some guests were not happy.
We’ve received negative reports that we’re not considerate in turning off the air-conditioning units but we’re also mindful that we only turn them off during times when they’re needed to be turned off so that we maintain the operations of the said facilities.
The country expects the heat index to reach its peak heat this month and because we want more guests to feel comfortable at night when every one are fast asleep, we decided to control the use of these amenities to guarantee all our guests enjoy the rest they deserve throughout the night:

  • A/Cs are used from 6PM to 6AM and then again at 12NN to 3PM

Any other times, the air-conditioning units will be off and resting.
To help our guests cool during these times we will have the electric fans available while we serve overflowing Raspberry Iced Tea drinks and/or Ice Water (or even Ice Cream!) until there are guests these summer months and until the PAG-ASA Weather Bureau says “Summer has ended!”
Thank you for bearing this dry season with Crossroads Hostel Manila and if you would like to book yourself a stay or for your loved ones, click the links of online travel agencies (OTAs) offering our property. See you then?
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