Guests who use WeChat and Alipay will soon partner with Crossroads Hostel Manila. The fintech (finance technology) will give guests that ability to pay their accommodation and stay at the hostel very soon.
It is a groundbreaking opportunity because Crossroads Hostel Manila will be one of the many establishments in the Metro Manila area to use this feature. This will mostly benefit Chinese guests who are now flocking more than ever in The Philippines to tour and discover many tropical settings in the country.
Asia United Bank (AUB) facilitated this groundbreaking event as they partnered with Tencent (who operates WeChat Pay) and Alibaba (who operates Alipay) late 2017 and early this year.
We’ll be posting more information soon and we hope you tell your Chinese friends who may benefit from this convenience in our hostel and help the country’s tourism more.
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STARTING TODAY, there will be a 10% transaction fee for credit card users who will pay their stay at the hostel. We are forced to pass the charge in light of the increased Paypal fees being imposed by the said company among other factors.
There are two types of fees that Paypal is imposing in the Philippines: (a) FIXED FEE for every transactions, PhP15 and (b) OTHER FEES which may mean CROSS BORDER TRANSACTION FEES and COMMERCIAL TRANSACTION FEES.
These fees put together can be a strain to modest operations of hostels like this in our country especially in the capital of Metro Manila compared to other developing countries in Asia.
The other one are the rising cost of operations from the recently passed taxes that gave way to rising cost of fuel, water, taxes, and even cost of labor. We’re still trying to keep the pricing at more affordable levels and paying your stay with us using Online Travel Agencies like,, and can give you advantages when it comes to applying the discounts they offer.
Thank you for your continued patronage and may affordable places like this thrive even further in the face of rising cost of every thing in our world today.