It’s been a while since we last served breakfast.
More of the reason we took it out was because — frankly — we’re not good at it and we are not about to be judged by something we’re not good in doing.
All that changed when we realize that we’ll be giving more people what they deserve when we start offering breakfast, Continental breakfast that is.


Our breakfast is complimentary and it will only be served between 7 and 9 am daily.

Starting Monday, 1st October: In line with our theme as a self-styled country-themed business hostel, we’ll be serving the same breakfast theme with a Filipino twist to it. We’re not promising it to have a 100% style ala-Filipino homestyle cooking like adobo with rice or tapsilog with rice but free breakfast just the same.
By definition Continental Breakfast consist of the following:

  • Bread (White bread or Pandesal)
  • Butter or Jam (Fruit spread, Margarine, or butter)
  • Coffee or Tea (3-1 coffee, 2-1 coffee, Lipton Black Tea)
  • Fruits (Banana or Pineapple or Apple)
  • More (Hardboiled eggs)

Expect these to help you start your day with such healthy choices.
Servings will start at 7am and run to 9am or for two hours only. No free breakfast will be served after 9am but we can arrange a 6am breakfast if needed but it depends on several factors.
We will not serve breakfast after 9am or be asked to serve breakfast as early as 3am just to help you with your early morning flight. No grace period. If you are there before 9am then you can still enjoy all the servings remaining. Yes, the early bird catches the worm and if you get there late, you might not have the breakfast item you want. Coffee and tea is available whole day.
Those who will try to ask for breakfast after 9am can order rice meals but this won’t happen yet until we’re ready to serve such menu items. We will make an announcement so you can prepare for it. We promise it to be a delicious experience.
By the way, the following arrangements are not included in the free breakfast:

  • OJT students
  • Guests who asked for hefty discounts like guests staying for 30 days or more
  • Guests who will check out before and after serving times
  • Guests who will check in before and after serving times
  • Friends of guests not checked in
  • Unregistered guests
  • Guests who have extended their stay but have not paid their current dues

In other words, we will serve breakfast to those who will fall under the right categories as we manage it in good faith. In addition to this, we do ask you to eat in moderation by thinking of other guests before thinking of devouring all food items you see there on the table.
To properly dispense our work in offering new products, expect the kitchen to be closed — either immediately or TBA — for we will soon offer menu items that may need the use of kitchen utensils and more that will disallow for guests to use the refrigerator and other items inside the kitchen.
While we will try to serve all our guests’ needs, please understand that we may not follow every need you require. Such examples are (a) food items than can give you allergies or (b) food items that may not be to your liking such as Non-Gluten-Free bread or wheat items or (c) request for us to serve breakfast to you whenever you need it. For allergies, please inform us ahead of time of what food allergy you may have or in need so we can advice you the dangers or not of food items we will serve you. We will not be faulted for not informing you what food item you will take that may pose a danger to your health.
For more information about this or to book your stay with us, log on to our FACEBOOK PAGE or message us at +63 937 378 0399 or call us at +63 2 632 7737.

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