THE DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM granted Crossroads Hostel Manila accreditation to operate as a duly recognizeo Mabuhay accommodation until October 31, 2024. This is the fifth accreditation the tourism bureau gave the hostel for as long as the hostel open back in 2014. Crossroads Hostel first received its accreditation in 2016 and it helped the hostel tremendously especially during the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The hostel didn’t close its doors because it is one of the few accredited properties recognized by the Tourism Department back in March 17 2020 called upon by the national government to continue accepting visitors and use it as a quarantine location. The hostel used its badge in a different way. During the lockdown, it helped essential businesses in the private sector to continue operating such as the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry. Crossroads Hostel continued to provide accommodation to key member staff and it worked well until such time when Work from Home was encouraged.

According to DOT’s website, accreditation by the Tourism government agency would give the following benefits:

  • Endorsement to COMELEC for exemption from liquor ban during election-related events*.
  • Endorsement to embassies and travel trade association for utilization of establishment’s facilities and services.
  • Being prioritized for DOT training programs
  • Endorsement to internation and domestive airports (if appropriate) for Issuance of Access Pass to Qualified Personnel**.
  • Qualification for Exemption from the United Vehicular Volume Reduction Program (UVVRP) of the Metro Manila Development authority (MMDA)***.
  • Endorsement to Land Transportation Franchising and regulatory Board (LTFRB) for Issuance of Tourist Transport Franchise***. Technical / Security / Facilitation Support or assistance.

*For accommodation establishments and restaurants only.

**For Tour Operators and Accommodation Establishments only.

***For tourist Land Transport Vehicles only.

Because of such benefits, Crossroads Hostel Manila will continue to seek the government’s accreditation because it provides the hostel not just credentials but reassurance to guests that they are in a safe place, a safe location, and a safe space to rest and transact business when necessary. 

To date, Crossroads Hostel has earned an average customer rating of 9.0 out of 10 stars. This is a remarkable feat considering that it is a budget accommodation and its rating outlasts some of the three to five star hotels nearby.

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