screenshot_20180921-003510_hw conference6370137440316510126..jpgHostel owners from different regions of Asia Pacific converge at Hanoi, Vietnam this week to network and strengthen this sector of the tourism industry that developing countries have yet to fully recognize. As the host of this event, the 3-day conference will showcase Hostelworld™’s capability to support the needs and requirements of this growing segment. It will also give hostel owners a chance to meet other operators and help each other share stories and experiences on how to grow this business and achieve much faster returns and results for the development of the industry.
This will be a chance for Crossroads Hostel Manila to meet with different owners of hostels not just from different nations in Asia but also counterpart hostels within Metro Manila and other parts of the country.
The hostel industry in the Philippines is very young and with a growing number of budget travelers locally and across the globe, the time is more than ripe to develop this sector and offer fresh ideas for guests with choices of accommodations from different places in the country.
This is the first time Crossroads Hostel Manila will participate in a big event like this outside the country and our goal and intention is to make more travelers know that Crossroads Hostel Manila is here ready to serve and help travelers with their accommodation. The goal is to make the hostel much bigger and much better in terms of more services to offer and we’re inching ever so close to this goal and committed to making sure this happens as it helps put The Philippines on the map for backpacker travelers, tours, needs, whatever background they have.
For more information about this property, log on to and send us a message and we’ll reply fast.

Guests who use WeChat and Alipay will soon partner with Crossroads Hostel Manila. The fintech (finance technology) will give guests that ability to pay their accommodation and stay at the hostel very soon.
It is a groundbreaking opportunity because Crossroads Hostel Manila will be one of the many establishments in the Metro Manila area to use this feature. This will mostly benefit Chinese guests who are now flocking more than ever in The Philippines to tour and discover many tropical settings in the country.
Asia United Bank (AUB) facilitated this groundbreaking event as they partnered with Tencent (who operates WeChat Pay) and Alibaba (who operates Alipay) late 2017 and early this year.
We’ll be posting more information soon and we hope you tell your Chinese friends who may benefit from this convenience in our hostel and help the country’s tourism more.
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STARTING TODAY, there will be a 10% transaction fee for credit card users who will pay their stay at the hostel. We are forced to pass the charge in light of the increased Paypal fees being imposed by the said company among other factors.
There are two types of fees that Paypal is imposing in the Philippines: (a) FIXED FEE for every transactions, PhP15 and (b) OTHER FEES which may mean CROSS BORDER TRANSACTION FEES and COMMERCIAL TRANSACTION FEES.
These fees put together can be a strain to modest operations of hostels like this in our country especially in the capital of Metro Manila compared to other developing countries in Asia.
The other one are the rising cost of operations from the recently passed taxes that gave way to rising cost of fuel, water, taxes, and even cost of labor. We’re still trying to keep the pricing at more affordable levels and paying your stay with us using Online Travel Agencies like,, and can give you advantages when it comes to applying the discounts they offer.
Thank you for your continued patronage and may affordable places like this thrive even further in the face of rising cost of every thing in our world today.

SUMMER heat has gone from hot to hotter every year and this season is no exception. With temperatures (heat index) rising up to 42ºC to 45ºC in the country, you would like to be more comfortable than ever before.
In our studies, the most appropriate times to use the A/C and give our guests the comfort are between 6PM and 6AM when you come back from work and through the rest of the evening when you need to sleep.
Some guests were not happy.
We’ve received negative reports that we’re not considerate in turning off the air-conditioning units but we’re also mindful that we only turn them off during times when they’re needed to be turned off so that we maintain the operations of the said facilities.
The country expects the heat index to reach its peak heat this month and because we want more guests to feel comfortable at night when every one are fast asleep, we decided to control the use of these amenities to guarantee all our guests enjoy the rest they deserve throughout the night:

  • A/Cs are used from 6PM to 6AM and then again at 12NN to 3PM

Any other times, the air-conditioning units will be off and resting.
To help our guests cool during these times we will have the electric fans available while we serve overflowing Raspberry Iced Tea drinks and/or Ice Water (or even Ice Cream!) until there are guests these summer months and until the PAG-ASA Weather Bureau says “Summer has ended!”
Thank you for bearing this dry season with Crossroads Hostel Manila and if you would like to book yourself a stay or for your loved ones, click the links of online travel agencies (OTAs) offering our property. See you then?
Tara na sa EXPEDIA!
Nakakaloka sa TRAVELOKA!
Hip na hip sa CTRIP!

SOMETHING to smile about.
Gallup International’s 41st Annual Global End of Year Survey ranked The Philippines as the top three countries who were happiest in 2017. Fiji topped the survey with Columbia ranking second in a field of fifty-five countries.
Filipinos have been known to be hospitable, caring, and always smiling. This survey shows the Filipinos’ resiliency no matter what crisis comes its way. You can see this once you get to different places every where in the country. It’s as if each Filipino was born to make guests feel more welcome and see what their country is all about.

Filipino children play in  a flooded street

Nothing will dampen the happiness in Filipinos.

Despite calamities, disasters, hardships in economy, you name it — if you’re Filipino, what do you think attributes that kind of happiness despite economic problems and recent political noises? We would like to hear your wiser opinion and share your thoughts in the comments section.
For those of you who are curious what makes our happiness waterproof, bulletproof and more — visit out country and see what makes us resilient. It’s something you can only find out up close and personal.
(Footnote: Image is from Living in The Philippines blog; Featured Image is from A Couple of Countries blog; Thank you to you all.)

WE’VE RECEIVED so many inquiries and many ask for a lower price.
We understand the concern but let us help you with more background on what our hostel is.
People mistake Crossroads Hostel like any other ‘Transient Place” where people pay for an ordinary “bed space” on a daily basis, however, we’re not just a bed space — we’re a hostel. A hostel is a property created mainly for backpackers today but we’ve evolved into something else, we’re not just for backpackers but we’re also for business professionals and travelers looking for a budget place to stay.
Budget doesn’t mean cheap, it just means affordable. Affordable because the place offers value to all of its customer traveling this way in the Central Business District (CBD) area of Ortigas shared by the chartered cities of Mandaluyong, Pasig, and Quezon businesses.


We try to make it the most comfortable space you can have at a fraction of a cost located here in the heart of Metro Manila

Our place offers more than 100 square meters of space where every visitor can lounge, cook, and relax in the comforts of a bungalow home.
If you can imagine it, we’re like the home of your favorite evening reality show, Pinoy Big Brother where every Filipino know the place as ‘Bahay Ni Kuya’ (Big Brother’s House). So you’re not confined inside your bedroom inside where you share with other travelers.
Each bedroom is air-conditioned and our rooms have as much as eight beds inside. Our beds have curtains so you can sleep without the prying eyes of another neighbor so a sense of privacy is still maintained. It is cleaned every single day by our housekeeper and your towels are changed every day, your linens every other four days.

It’s a simple but value-driven space you can always count on from us

Our kitchen is as complete as you can get. You may not be able to bake but with all the amenities inside this kitchen you will be able to cook delicious but budget meals to your heart’s content.
We’re located at the heart of Metro Manila. That’s no joke. You go to Google Maps and you type Crossroads Hostel Manila and you’ll see from the map that our location when viewed zoomed out from the map that we’re in the middle of every strategic place you can think of going to. EDSA is just a minute walk away and the entrance to the MRT train (SHAW Boulevard Station) is just right there for your taking.
The wet market where you can buy fresh produce, meat, and other staple foods you like is just five minutes walk away with a pharmacy just beside it.
So with a price of PhP699, taxes included, why settle for a motel that won’t give you that home atmosphere that you want to be in when the comforts and security of home is just right there at Crossroads Hostel Manila.
This is no spiel, no marketing talk — it’s as plain as you can experience it from people who’ve been here the first time, the second time, and those who call our place their home away from home.
For your next travel to Metro Manila and Ortigas area, come consider us and see what we mean because as travelers we make it our business to give you the hospitality every local or foreign traveler deserves.

To give way to our staff and our hostel a deserving rest for the new year, we’re closing our doors starting Saturday, December 23rd until Monday, 1st January 2018.
Every year, we use this time to clean our hostel from top to bottom and preparing for the new year and to give our hardworking staff the rest they deserve.
December is a slow month for us but surprisingly, we got a good share of guests in the first week and it helped us a bit offset a very challenging year. We don’t mind. A blessing is a blessing and we’ll take anything to bring our message of service and commitment ’til the new year, 2018.
We’ll be open still to accommodate guests around these dates: Up to Friday, Dec 22 and between Tuesday, December 26 up to Saturday, December 30th but it has to be walk in guests and check ins are still up to 8pm only.
CLOSED FOR BUSINESS: December 23rd, 24th and 25th and December 30th, 31st, January 1st 2018.
Thank you all for making our hostel an insightful one. We will remember 2017 where challenges abound but we always hope and persevere because there’s a BIGGER HOPE more than we can all imagine.

2016 and 2017 are not fun years. In fact, we saw a continued decline of number of guests when we thought 2015 was the start of our stellar year since we opened in 2012 (officially on paper, 2014). Our previous data in 2013, 2014, and 2015 showed a continued rise in the number of guests checking in. The number of foreign guests as opposed to local guests number is 33% to 66% respectively and 2016 saw the start of the decline that continued on this year.
Despite challenges, 2017 will be the first time we will say thank you publicly and we hope this will also give you a perspective of why people use our place to travel when their destination is Ortigas CBD and nearby institutions.
In no particular order, thank you Philippine Seven Corporation (7-Eleven Phils.) and Department of Trade and Industry for spreading the word and continuing to choose our place whenever possible in sending your staff and exhibitors that participate in the training and trade shows. The shows may not be as much in number as we want them to be but your loyalty is prized so salamat po!
We noticed a continued rise in the number of students in the discipline of Psychology and Occupational Therapy using our space as their preferred place of residence during their On-the-Job-Training (OJT) here in the nearby National Center for Mental Health. We noticed that students from De La Salle University — Dasmariñas are more and more discovering more reasons why they feel our place is perfect for their continued practice in their desired field of study. We thank their parents for entrusting us their wards and we’re equally thankful that we have become part of their careers as they continue to achieve their dreams and goals.
We’ve seen a steady growth of professionals choosing our place in order to complete documentation of their plan to go abroad and be part of the work force that continues to help our economy. The Philippine Overseas Employment Agency is one of those important places that we observed more and more employee-candidates are going to and they continue to feel that Crossroads Hostel Manila is the place to go when it comes to proximity and accessibility is concerned in attending their needs from that government agency.
Despite the economic hardships our hostel is facing for two years now, these are just some of the reasons why travelers choose this property for their needs. We’re not the usual hostel where backpackers may go to and for a lot of reasons we choose to be a business hostel rather than a youth hostel because of our location.
The next time you plan to do your appointments whether it is to attend a workshop-seminar in the nearby PICPA or the Development Academy of the Philippines, completing your English proficiency with the help of IELTS that the The British Council hosts, or upgrading your resumé with a seminar on Construction Safety and Hazards with Tatweer and Richville Hotel — then we are your hostel because we offer safe, secure, clean, and quiet space where you can relax and be part of a community that works hard for the future of their choosing.

Dear Guests, Meralco announced a 7 to 8 hour black out starting 7:30 AM to update their facilities in the city.
Please wake up earlier and perform all your morning duties so that when the electricity goes down you can be ready to go the nearest coffee shop and cool yourself down.
We advise you go to the nearest mall, watch a movie, eat out and try a new food you haven’t eaten before and just come back before 6PM.
We’re sorry for this inconvenience but we’re making this announcement now so you can adjust your schedules.
Thank you and have a nice day.