Travelers can now use GCash when making a bed bookings and reservations with this hostel.

This convenience is now more pronounced than ever during community quarantine when contactless payment is a must for businesses dealing with customers.

Crossroads Hostel GCash QR Code

Scan to pay your stay at Crossroads Hostel Manila

How does it work? Prospect guests need only to ask how they will pay their reservations from Crossroads Hostel. Once the amount is requested to hold a reservation, guests can punch the amount on their GCash app and scan the QR code found above and immediately make the transaction to book their space in the hostel. The hostel will then finalize your reservations and a confirmation will be sent to your email.

Is GCash available ONLY to Globe subscribers and pre-paid customers? The service is available to all. Globe owns GCash but even if you’re a SMART subscriber, Talk N’ Text, or Sun subscribers, the GCash subscription is available to all. All you need to do is to click this link and you should be able to register for this service for free.

Start enjoying the convenience of booking a bed in Crossroads Hostel at the convenience of this available technology today.

Call Crossroads Hostel Manila at +63286327737 or +639478957600 to check space availability today or to get more information about this hostel at the center of Metro Manila!

These are the steps explained in all its details to bring back stranded family and friends who will go through the quarantine process. It’s fairly easy but thorough because we want to remove or lessen the stress you may feel bringing them home. This is bias to Crossroads Hostel but using the same steps, you can apply to any other places you want. We’re here to help!

There are 3 easy steps to this transition process in bringing home your family to The Philippines (a bit long, bear with us!):

First, determine the airline and date when to go back.

Second, determine the accommodation where you want your family to spend 3 nights while waiting for the COVID-19 test results.

Third, getting the results from the Bureau of Quarantine to go home.

Welcome back! We hope this article will help you organize bringing your family back home.

FIRST STEP, the airline – Choose which airline to take going back to The Philippines. Right now, the gateway is MNL or the Ninoy Aquino Internation Airport Terminals. Passenger Passport is required to book an airlines and all the necessary clearances the origin country requires must be fulfilled before flying home. Once booked, email a clear copy of the passport and the itinerary to

SECOND STEP, the quarantine place – Book your stay with us at Crossroads Hostel. We’re open for quarantine services and all we require are paid reservations of three (3) nights stay and the Security Deposit of PhP1,000.00 per guest. We are accredited by the IATF thru the Department of Tourism:
Make Reservations. To book your family, we need the following information 
(a) Full Passport Name 
(b) Nominated Email Address where we can reach them
(c) Their PH mobile number where we can contact them upon arrival.
We will automatically inform you or whoever is nominated to receive details of your booking;  

Book Shuttle Ride. We offer airport shuttle pick-up for only PhP500 from the airport. We require the following to pick them up:
(a) Clear Passport Copy
(b) Clear Image or copy of flight itinerary
(c) Information sent four days prior arrival (to be coordinated with Govt Agency and Coast Guard)
NOTE: We will give you our driver’s name, the car and plate number to pick them up
ADDITIONAL NOTE: Please note that there’s a maximum of two (2) pax per ride and trunk space is limited so if there are two passenger-guests but luggage are many and will not fit in one ride then additional vehicles may be needed and an additional fee of PhP500 per ride is required. 

You have the option of hiring Crossroads Hostel to bring you to its establishment or you can have the Airport Taxi which will cost you at least PhP1,000.00

Make Payment. To pay reservations,
(a) pay the 3-nights stay 
(b) pay security deposit and
(c) pay shuttle fee.

Go through our payments steps available to BDO, Palawan Express, or GCash (details below) and inform us of your payment once made; 

THIRD STEP, Waiting for the results of the quarantine process
Upon arrival, guests will wait for their swab test results facilitated by the Philippine National Red Cross. The PNRC will clear the passenger and issue a certificate or not to the guest. Steps through all three-nights stay
DAY 1 – Register
We will have the guest declare their health situation, register their stay, and conduct contact tracing records upon arrival and have them receive their keys where they will stay; Guests will be issued a sanitation kit and oriented on how to move around the hostel.

DAY 2 – 3 Stay
Stay inside the room and go out as necessary to the bathroom or to eat. You can have free water and coffee in our pantry area. You can also order food from our all-day Breakfast menu for no more than PhP100/meal. You can also read books from our mini library, and you can also watch your favorite shows on Netflix as you stream videos from our 100mbps wifi service. 
During this time, family members of the quarantined guest must coordinate with hostel admin using Facebook Chat on our Facebook Page. Closely coordinating with us will help ease your anxiety for information. You can coordinate your pick up time the following day after the results would have come out or even giving us a message for anything we can help you with; Take note that the Bureau of Quarantine updates their website from midnight and throughout the evening.

The Bureau of Quarantine thru the Department of Health with the help of The Philippine National Red Cross conducts swab testing when passengers arrive the airport.

Day 4 – Exit
Quarantined guests can leave as soon as the hostel administration has a copy of the clearance certificate the Red Cross issued and that pictures are taken of the guest with the certificate before they leave.


Menu of Hostel Fees
PhP2,097.00, Accommodation = PhP699/night x 3 nights, *No Free Breakfast
PhP500.00 Hostel Shuttle from Airport = PhP500 x 1 guest
PhP200.00, Early Check-in Fee = if guest checks-in early than 2 pm, dependent on the availability
PhP200.00, Late Check-out Fee =  if available, guest can check-out until 5pm
PhP1,000.00, Security Deposit = Incidental Deposit, returned upon check-out
PhP100.00/meal = choice of corned beef, luncheon meat, and hotdog over garlic rice, egg, and buttered veggies; Meal times are: 7-10 am , Breakfast; 11-1pm, Lunch; 5-7pm, Dinner
Important: All fees are paid in cash either upon check-in or upon order;

Payment Steps via BDO
BDO Account: 00.693.005.4436  |  Crossroads Hostel Manila Co. Ltd  | Savings Account
Email us a clear copy of the validated deposit slip
Message us at +639478957600 that you’ve sent email already
Wait for our reply in one day

Payment Steps via Palawan Express
Send payment ℅ Naneth Luzong (Admin Staff)
Crossroads Hostel Manila address: 76 Mariveles Street, Highway Hills, Mandaluyong City
Mobile number: 0912.984.2962

Payment Step via GCash

Crossroads Hostel GCash QR Code

Scan this to pay your stay at Crossroads!

Payment via Credit Card
Book your family using these:
*Except for Hostelworld, the rest offer full payment on stay fees except for early check-in and check-out fees and security deposit

Our mobile number is +639478957600
Front Desk Open: 8am – 7pm

To simplify pricing and offer the same value-added service, Crossroads Hostel Manila will now offer our PhP699/night per guest on a daily basis. Security Deposit is not yet included in the rate and can be remitted upon checking in.
Only paid reservations will be honored as reserved and all other guests can do the same by paying promo rates using Online Travel Agencies such as Expedia,, and Traveloka.
The rate adjustment will help Crossroads Hostel Manila provide the same type of service and hospitality only we know how in this area — at least.
To make a reservations, we ask you to see us first using our Facebook Page and book thru our message box. We will reply and answer more of your questions as it comes.
We’re now launching the new pricing and will continue to honor paid up bookings prior to the launching of  this new policy.
If you want to talk to us, call us or SMS us at +63 (920) 959.5747.

Tired of paying more for a business meeting and appointment for you or your staff? This is the place to go.
Why? We meet your business budget to have a decent and secured space where budget is not a problem. We’re affordable at PhP699/night/guest and you have premium access to our hostel amenities such as 50mbps wifi, heated showers, aircon dorm rooms, free access to kitchen, and more at a fraction of a cost of what you may pay for a place in this Central Business District area.
We attract business people and those who have commitments in Ortigas and why not? We’re a minute walk to the Shaw Boulevard MRT station where you can ride this going to the airport for a total budget of only PhP40.00/way.
As it is, traditional motels and inns offer higher rates but don’t really provide value-added service. 3-Star Hotels are good and very comfortable, but most business people wouldn’t want to shell out more money for they just stay there to sleep. Spending more than PhP3,500/night is not really cost efficient.
As a shared accommodation, Crossroads Hostel Manila is a growing alternative (and favorite!) for business owners and business professionals. We offer shared spaces among travelers with bunk beds (double-deck beds) that allow more guests to room in giving some travelers the ability to have co-workers join them in one room.
It’s an optimal choice for small business owners with limited budget, likewise, big businesses can take advantage of it too who sends group of delegates to Metro Manila.
Again for as little as PhP599/guest/night (Weekday nights rate) versus PhP1,000+/guest/night in other nearby accommodations, Crossroads Hostel Manila offers full use of their kitchen and its amenities, air-conditioned rooms, secured lockers, heated showers, cable television viewing and comfortable single beds complete with bedding and towels and many more. Their Internet access is up to 50mbps using cable broadband technology so more people can share Internet speed.
Not only is it affordable but it offers decent rooms and functional amenities


We’re five minutes walk away from the biggest shopping mall in The Philippines and one of the most business progressive places in the country, Ortigas Central Business District (CBD)

So if your destination are either of these top places in Ortigas area…

  1. National Headquarters of the Philippines Red Cross
  2. SM Megatrade Hall in SM Megamall
  3. POEA (Philippine Overseas Employment Agency) for skilled workers and professionals who renew their memberships and documents
  4. Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) for public servants in provinces who attend further schooling in the said government institution
  5. PICPA (Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants) for CPA graduates and practitioners who attend seminars and conferences
  7. NCMH (National Center for Mental Health) for professionals seeking license renewal as part of their requirements and family members who visit loved ones in the hospital
  8. BRITISH COUNCIL for their IELTS Exams (Taipan Building)
  9. Crowne Plaza (for Nursing Interview Exams)
  10. DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs) for Passport Renewals at SM Megamall Building A

…then Crossroads Hostel Manila is the accommodation for you.
Go inquire here
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Or thru our Facebook Page where you can chat with us or SMS/Call us at 0937 378 0400.
Key words people used when they did Google search:

  • “Hostel in or near Ortigas or Accommodation in Ortigas”
  • “Cheapest hotel along EDSA or along Shaw Boulevard”
  • “Budget Rooms for rent in Ortigas”
  • “Bed space for rent near Ortigas”
  • “Affordable rooms near EDSA or Ortigas”


SOMETHING to smile about.
Gallup International’s 41st Annual Global End of Year Survey ranked The Philippines as the top three countries who were happiest in 2017. Fiji topped the survey with Columbia ranking second in a field of fifty-five countries.
Filipinos have been known to be hospitable, caring, and always smiling. This survey shows the Filipinos’ resiliency no matter what crisis comes its way. You can see this once you get to different places every where in the country. It’s as if each Filipino was born to make guests feel more welcome and see what their country is all about.

Filipino children play in  a flooded street

Nothing will dampen the happiness in Filipinos.

Despite calamities, disasters, hardships in economy, you name it — if you’re Filipino, what do you think attributes that kind of happiness despite economic problems and recent political noises? We would like to hear your wiser opinion and share your thoughts in the comments section.
For those of you who are curious what makes our happiness waterproof, bulletproof and more — visit out country and see what makes us resilient. It’s something you can only find out up close and personal.
(Footnote: Image is from Living in The Philippines blog; Featured Image is from A Couple of Countries blog; Thank you to you all.)


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