Cause of Giving Starts

’tis the season of giving and that’s why we’re giving this opportunity now so all our guests from freezing European Nations can take advantage of this sale

Welcome visitors from winter nations!
Book with us your trip directly and get as much as 50% discount from now until November 30 2017 or until spaces last.
Pay only these amounts when booking with us for this promo:

  • €5 or £4.50/night per guest — 2nights+ or more; discount good for two guests or more (weekday nights stay)
  • €5.50 or £5/guest staying 2 nights or more for one guest
  • +€1.75 or £1.25/guest staying on weeknights (Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays)
  • +€1 or £0.50 are added on extended bookings; promotional price of love are only made on your first paid reservations

Sale is effective for stays in beginning January 1st 2018 until March 31st 2018. Take advantage of these rates while spaces are available. 
Promo Rules

  1. No payments, no reservations
  2. Payments must be made via paypal
  3. All reservations must be paid completely
  4. Cancellations made 14 days after from arrival date is non-refundable.
  5. Prices may vary without prior notice.
  6. Price does not include security deposit of php500/ guest or equivalent euro which you would like us to keep for you and return after you check out
  7. Promotion is exclusive to Europeans with valid European passports.

How to make your reservations

  1. Email ( us your inquiry or…
  2. send us a message via Facebook page:
  3. From inquiry, we will book your requests and upon confirmation you have 24 hours to pay the reservation before it gets cancelled and given up to others.
  4. Guests coming from international shores must pay the reservations using paypal. To use paypal we would require you to send us over your favourite email address where you usually checked your messages.

For guests who like,,,,,, and you are more than welcome to use their platforms but the rates are different and limited.
Email us as well if you like to inquire!
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Check in times are between 2 pm to 8 pm daily.

CHM GMA PhilPost ID 1The Philippine Postal Corporation (Philpost) launched its new security-featured identification card. The card will now be recognized like any of the government identification cards available to the public starting this month because of its new security features like a QR code that could be verified for its authenticity, the magnetic strip at the back, and its holographic image that will be the hardest to copy.
There are four to five IDs that most business and government institutions recognize and PhilPost ID is not one of them. It is paper made and it can be faked and used for identification theft. The new ID, which will be ready for issuance this month didn’t clarify in the news report where people can initially register for it, which includes four Philpost offices around Metro Manila. The ID will cost between PhP400 – PhP800 each and those with the old PhilPost IDs can exchange them for the new one at a discounted fee. Of course, this does not include the fake ones because your PhilPost IDs should be registered and verified in their data base.
Crossroads Hostel Manila will recognize this new ID as early as May 2015 when the first ones do arrive and ready for use by local residents. The ID is available for all ages and you only your birth certificate and Barangay certificate are required to register for this new card. PhilPost will be ready to gather more registration by January 2015 when all PhilPost Offices are equipped with the networked registration system.
Crossroads Hostel Manila prides itself of maintaining strict security compliance by accepting only valid Government Issued IDs as shown below in a screen shot from the same report GMA News TV shared. We will not accept Check Ins without proper identification.
CHM GMA PhilPost ID 4
If you want to know more about this new ID, you can call their customer hotline at +63 (2) 854 0888 or you can fill up a form using this link.
Photo Credit
GMANEWSTV broke this news and CHM picked it up in the interest of our guests.

Two ways to answer that question and the only difference between the two is if you have paid your reservation fees. If so or not, then just focus on the following things you need to prepare when you Check In to our property:

  1. Identification Card
  2. PhP1,000 Security Deposit
  3. Reservation Payment

IDENTIFICATION CARD. The only ones we recognize are Government-Issued Identification Cards that have holograms in them and examples of these are the following:

  1. Passport
  2. Driver License
  3. Universal Multi-Purpose ID (UMID)
  4. Comelec ID
  5. Philippine Regulatory Commission (PRC)
  6. SSS/GSIS ID Card
  7. Public School Identification Cards
  8. Valid NBI/PNP Clearance Documents

Unfortunately we do not allow the following:

  1. Postal ID – No
  2. BIR ID – No
  3. PhilHealth ID – No
  4. Other laminated cards

Laminated ID Cards can be reproduced and cannot be a stable form of identification. All cards must be valid (read: not expired) and that the image, information are readable and they’re signed.
SECURITY DEPOSIT. These are incidental deposits that you must make as a precautionary fund that the property may own if damages incur in the property that are but not limited to: stained linens, broken fixtures, and other similar incidents. After inspection of the premises, the guest can retrieve their deposits upon Check Out. Incidental Deposit is standard PhP1,000 or US$25.00.
BOOKING PAYMENT. Depending on the reservation, each guest must pay their stay in the hostel. Payment must be 100% of the said booking made. Extensions of stay are okay provided there are still available beds that can be booked at a moment’s notice.

Congratulations, Jollibee! You the

Congratulations, Jollibee! You the man…er…bee. (

We can’t believe it but we are seeing it. Jollibee bested other food conglomerates and entities around the world after it was hailed the ‘Best International Fastfood Chain’ and it seems like the world is slowly embracing anything Filipino. The recognition was made by a respected media group that ranks any thing that is related to food.
Who would think that Jollibee will catch this much coveted crown where it was a mere milkshake bar back in my childhood days in Makati.
With this much attention, could we actually see a bill passed in congress and declare Jollibee as THE national fastfood chain of our hospitable country? Who knows? Why not? If we’re passionate enough to celebrate almost any thing in our town to just create a happening, why not do something just to make us more proud of our heritage. And speaking of heritage, Italians would probably ban Jollibee in their country because it would potentially change the way they know how Spaghetti tastes like. Imagine, sweet spaghetti like no other person would thought it possible. Crazy.
We at Crossroads Hostel Manila are united in congratulating Jollibee for getting the world’s attention and I must say that it is also because of the Filipinos’ penchant for that crazy, dancing, happy bee mascot that really got the attention of the world to take a second look and see what makes Filipino tick because if it’s good enough for Pinoys, it must be good enough for Westerners, Asians, Europeans, Australians, and soon enough Africans.
If you’re traveling to the Philippines soon and you will visit Mt. Pinatubo or the Banawe Rice Terraces, don’t forget to do a side trip and do a selfie beside the jolly mascot called Jollibee. Indeed, it’s a national treasure that more travelers in the country should try at least one. Beats eating Balut if you know what we mean.
Photo Credits:

'Tis the season for planning.

‘Tis the season for planning.

Christmas and New Year’s days are a special time for Crossroads Hostel Manila. We will use this time, not only celebrating it with our hardworking staff and family but to also perform general cleaning and do some up-keeping so we’ll be able to welcome more guests and people in the coming New Year.
Guests who have checked in and decided to continue staying with us can do so without further hassles. Those who will decide to come in and stay during these days are asked to do their part to keep the hostel clean from their dormitories to the kitchen.
Thank you for reading and we look forward to a better and wonderful times ahead.

Thanks to Globe Charge, we can now provide access to all our traveler guests.

Thanks to Globe Charge, we can now provide access to all our traveler guests.

If you don’t have cash but have MasterCard and Visa credit/debit cards on you, go right in and we’ll help you Check In as early as today! Globe Charge has approved our accreditation and we’re now part of their partnership with the said payment gateways to assist all guests and customers we have in our hostel.
Prior to today, we could only accept cash transactions and Paypal transactions but with this new feature, it gives us more access to help more travelers for more convenience. We slide your card, you sign for it, and the system will send you an online receipt as a record of all your transactions with us — all Globe Charge transactions have 3% surcharge on it.
Come and enjoy the vast discounts and promos we offer and enjoy the advantage of having credit and debit cards from MasterCard and Visa at Crossroads Hoste Manila.
Now that makes us happy because it’s in line with our goal, “Tulungan lang po.” (Here to help).
Happy to serve you.

Getting rain-stuck should never be part of your travel plans

Getting rain-stuck should never be part of your travel plans

Crossroads Hostel Manila is situated on top of a hill. This makes the hostel safer and in a better position because it’s practically flood-free. Times are very unpredictable in Metro Manila where streets in low-lying areas can get flooded when rain-heavy clouds pass through even if there aren’t any typhoons in the area. What makes this hostel strategic is that it’s just a block a way from the main thoroughfare where visitors can easily trek over and ride the metro rail transit train (MRT) or the bus or even catch a taxi. In fact, just walk further down the intersection where EDSA and Shaw intersects you can get more cozy and fulfilled after enjoying a hot cup of coffee in any of the shopping malls nearby: Shangri-La Plaza, StarMall, and SM Megamall.
And in case you get stranded because of untimely weather disturbance, all you need to do is to get to us and we’ll practically crash the rate at PhP250/night. Now that’s something useful for a lot of local travelers!
This and so much more are reasons why Crossroads Hostel Manila is a practical destination for budget travelers heading off to Metro Manila. Book today and get the traveler’s advantage that more and more business and leisure visitors are soon discovering here at Crossroads Hostel Manila.

Kristoffer Atienza signs contract with Globe represented by SDI that facilitates Globe Charge

Kristoffer Atienza signs contract with Globe represented by SDI that facilitates Globe Charge

We’re glad to announce that we’re joining the ranks of properties that will now accept credit cards as Crossroads Hostel Manila will soon employ the power of Globe Charge payment system. We’re so happy to be fulfilling our goals to make it easier for travelers to avail our services, one that will bring them more convenience. Travelers who don’t have cash with them but carry VISA and MasterCard can check in to the hostel with ease. The Globe Charge device is easily attached to any smartphone that turns it into a payment gateway for VISA and MasterCard credit cards.

Before, customers transact through our Paypal system  (although you can elect to do this also) but not they can pay directly when they Check In. Only bank-issued credit cards will be allowed and Debit Cards will follow suit as soon as Globe updates its system.

We can’t wait for the activation of our account and our system so we can extend more help to more guests from all over the country and all over the world. Globe Charge is facilitated by Sandoval Distributors, Incorporated (SDI). The agreement was signed today with operations administrator, Anna Giselle San Pedro of SDI and hostel owner, Kristoffer C. Atienza.

We're ready and so is our staff to welcome more customers to our hostel

We’re ready and so is our staff to welcome more customers to our hostel

We’re ready to announce soon the first day when we can accept payments from banks that offer these plastic cards so watch out for the news — very soon!

This is what you get for loving The Philippines and starting your adventure with us!


It’s just right to help PWDs. (image from

Crossroads Hostel Manila will extend further discounts to Persons with Different Abilities (we prefer to call them that instead of ‘People with Disabilities’ or PWDs) or people with physical handicaps. They are as productive and as privileged as any citizen in this country, we believe.
The hostel will give them instant PhP25.00 discount per person, per night as its way to support their daily budgetary needs.
We’re not proud that we’re not 100% PDA-friendly, meaning, CHM is not equipped to have guides, ramps for wheel chairs, brail signs for the blind, and other tools and means to make their stay more enjoyable, but just the same this effort is a start and a recognition of providing them deals that will help them in their budget, at least.
If you have questions regarding this or any of our promotions, our property please do not hesitate to contact us today. Call +63 (920) 959 5747, (02) 984 9844 or (02) 514 0660 for more details.
Normal Restrictions

  1. Can only be availed through direct booking
  2. Cannot be availed using,, or any other affiliated vendors
  3. Cannot be applied to their companion
  4. Cannot be substituted in behalf of the beneficiary

If you’re planning to visit The Philippines or Metro Manila (if you’re from this country) soon but do not know where to start, then this is your best day! Crossroads Hostel Manila is the newest hostel in Mandaluyong City and is perfectly situated in the middle of metropolitan Manila. We’re a walking distance to all entertainment shops and centers in the Central Business District (CBD) of Ortigas Area. The transportation hub is a micro-distance away from our location where the train (MRT), the bus, the taxis converge and passes through and we have the best rates to show. What’s more, we provide the following features and amenities to you:
1. Regular Morning Room-keeping
2. Very Clean Bathrooms (Detached from Rooms)
3. Large Living Rooms Space and Dining Area
4. Access to full use of Kitchen to cook your food
5. Access to Clothes Washer and Dryer
6. 1-Minute walk to MRT/EDSA/Shaw Station
7. Minutes from Malls: Shangri-La Plaza, SM Megamall, Greenfield District, and Starmall
8. 24/7 Wifi Access (PhP999 Value!)
9. Less than 2 minute walk to Palengke (Wet Market)
10. Minutes away from Hospital (VPotenciano Hospital)
11. Hot Showers and locker storage, free of charge
12. Near transportation hub for Tagaytay-bound taxis
So whether you have plans or no plans at all, the adventure starts with us and we do our best to provide you information and assistance wherever you want to go. Book today and take advantage of our promotional rates so click this link now:
See you soon!