Travelers can now use GCash when making a bed bookings and reservations with this hostel.

This convenience is now more pronounced than ever during community quarantine when contactless payment is a must for businesses dealing with customers.

Crossroads Hostel GCash QR Code

Scan to pay your stay at Crossroads Hostel Manila

How does it work? Prospect guests need only to ask how they will pay their reservations from Crossroads Hostel. Once the amount is requested to hold a reservation, guests can punch the amount on their GCash app and scan the QR code found above and immediately make the transaction to book their space in the hostel. The hostel will then finalize your reservations and a confirmation will be sent to your email.

Is GCash available ONLY to Globe subscribers and pre-paid customers? The service is available to all. Globe owns GCash but even if you’re a SMART subscriber, Talk N’ Text, or Sun subscribers, the GCash subscription is available to all. All you need to do is to click this link and you should be able to register for this service for free.

Start enjoying the convenience of booking a bed in Crossroads Hostel at the convenience of this available technology today.

Call Crossroads Hostel Manila at +63286327737 or +639478957600 to check space availability today or to get more information about this hostel at the center of Metro Manila!

The Philippines, Perfect Winter Destination?

Picking fruits in La Union

So winter is fast approaching (or here already!) and you want to go to the warmest climate you can find. What about adding the warmest smile and hospitality too to your experience?

We’ve listed down things you may want to do for us to help you get the most out of your WINTER VACATION so let’s get on with it. (Editor’s Note: None of the images and videos are claimed to be the property of Crossroads Hostel Manila)

First, where do you want to go? It’s the hardest question. There’s so many beach destinations all over the world and there’s only so much time to use so let’s make it simple: ASIA or LATIN AMERICA? You may not know it but Asia, where The Philippines is located is where you can experience some of the most beautiful beaches in the world but The Philippines boasts of the longest coastlines you can find anywhere in the tropical paradise! 32,289 kilometers of coast that includes beaches, bays, gulfs, and islets where one can just choose a place to stay where to spoil yourself of sun, sand, and seafood. Ahhh! 

Second, how long is your vacation? Spend it with us in The Philippines. Aside from beaches, we have mountain ranges, terraces, cliffs, ravines, waterfalls, lakes, beaches, cold springs, hot springs, mangroves, lush greens, exotic birds, colorful corals and fishes, animals, and even the sweetest fruits (and smelliest too! Hahaha!) you can find.

Third, where to start? START with us at Crossroads Hostel Manila! Where else? We will provide you with the utmost assistance we can to make your trip here in The Philippines, the most enjoyable one. How? We will not just help you get contact information of many of the tour operators, agencies, and resort owners – we will give you honest advice where to go and what to see with the budget you have made for yourself. Just give us a day or two to help you get the ground running. This way, you will make the most out of your Philippines tour destination the more memorable one!

Start your winter vacation with us! We’ll take care of you.

Do you want a sample of The Philippines to get a taste of what’s to come of your stay here? Check these beautiful video posts made by travel bloggers of some of the most beautiful beach and underwater destinations here in The Philippines:

  • Boracay


Boracay is a national treasure, it was shut down for 6 months to rehabilitate.We are one of the lucky few who got to experience Boracay in its almost pristine state. It is a beautiful place yet people still throwing their trash anywhere.To those who will visit its grand opening this coming October 26 please please please stop being a bad tourist, pick up your trash and be responsible.

Posted by Horse Guide on Thursday, 18 October 2018

  • Bohol

BOHOL IS AMAZING! – Chocolate Hills and Tarsier Sanctuary

BOHOL IS AMAZING! – Chocolate Hills and Tarsier Sanctuary. Today we visit Bohol Island. The Chocolate hills and Tarsier Sanctuary are what this island is super famous for. SO LETS DO IT! Check out Pierres awesome channel below.

Posted by The Traveling Clatt on Wednesday, 31 October 2018

  • Cebu

Cebu Travelogu: PH's #1 Tourist Destination

Nganong #1 Tourist Destination man gyod ang Cebu sa tibuok Pilipinas? Na hala, tan-awa ni ninyo! ©Philippine Airlines || FOLLOW US on Instagram: @Iamfromcebu

Posted by I AM A CEBUANO on Saturday, 29 July 2017

  • Anilao, Batangas

Diving Philippines | Anilao, BatangasIt has been months since my last dive. ? Editing and watching this video made me miss my 2nd home a whole lot more. ?Special mention to my uncle, Tito Jeff, this video is for you! Ikaw ang bida dito. ? Ang saya pala ng dive natin! The viz was really good and ang dami nating nakita! ?? Dive soon & Belated Happy Birthday! ?Enjoy watching! ?#9monthsinthemaking ??‍♀️#worththewait ?#MayenTV#ComeDiveWithUs——————————-INSTAGRAM——————————–YOUTUBE——————————–#DiveAnilao #AnilaoBatangas #GoPro #GoProVideo #ScubaDiving #Philippines #GirlsThatScuba #PADITV #DariLaut #UnderwaterVideo #DivePhilippines #CasaEscondidaAnilao #WreckDiveSong: Ikson – Reverie (Vlog No Copyright Music)Music promoted by Vlog No Copyright Music.Video Link:

Posted by Mayen Angeles on Wednesday, 15 August 2018

  • Coron, Palawan

Coron, Palawan. Watch in HD ?

Posted by MArk Aparecio on Sunday, 6 May 2018

  • El Nido, Palawan

Travel Vlog: Enchanting El Nido, Palawan

I returned to one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines – EL NIDO, PALAWAN – to explore more and rediscover its natural wonders. White sand beaches, idyllic islands, crystal clear waters, towering cliffs and beautiful sunset, El Nido is truly a paradise on earth. ❤️Kudos to my video director/editor Eric Gamorot Travel Journal for this awesome video. Follow him on Instagram: thanks to Skipper Charters and Northern Hope Tours El Nido, Palawan for the amazing island hopping adventures.Cameras used include Sony a6300, DJI Phantom 3 Standard and Phantom 4, and GoPro Hero 6. Gimbal used is Zhiyun-tech Crane 2. You can get all these at Henry's Professional.For more travel photos and videos, follow me on:YouTube – – The Chainsmokers – Closer (Shaun Frank Remix Audio) ft. Halsey

Posted by Pinoy Travel Freak on Friday, 23 March 2018

  • Siargao

This is part of our assistance to you when you avail our two or three night stay in our hostel at no additional cost.

Make The Philippines a part of your WINTER DISCOVERY and know why this country is the fastest growing tourist destination in the next decade and why CROSSROADS HOSTEL MANILAwill be the perfect starting place for your memorable tours of the country.

So is The Philippines your perfect winter vacation destination?Why don’t you try it and experience for yourself!

Booking now? Why not?! Try these friends of ours to book your stay with us at limited discounted rates today: HOSTELWORLD, AGODA, BOOKING, EXPEDIA, and TRAVELOKA

You can also read more reviews here at TRIPADVISOR!

See you soon and Mabuhay to you!

67 Boracay Accredited Establishments

Here’s a list of the 67 Boracay establishments accredited by the Department of Tourism. Click on the name of the hotel you wish to check and be led to the appropriate site we think can be useful for your research. Enjoy Boracay!:

  1. 357 Boracay Resort Station 3, Brgy. Manoc-Manoc, 10 beds 
  2. 7 Stones Boracay Suites Sitio Bulabog, Brgy Balabag 31 beds
  3. Alice in Wonderland Beach Hotel Station 2, Brgy Balabag 21 beds
  4. Astoria Current Resort Station 3, Brgy. Manoc-Manoc 205 beds
  5. Azalea Hotels & Residences Station 2, Brgy Balabag 284 beds
  6. screenshot_20181016-222805_google7100421871024583220.jpg

    This map will help you determine the location of the resort you want to go to. Station 1 is where the more pricey hotels and resorts are located. Not all high-rated properties are on Station 1 so make sure you read reviews of many guests who have stayed in those places.

    Best Western Boracay Tropics Station 2, Brgy Balabag 64 beds

  7. Blue Coral Resort Station 3, Brgy. Manoc-Manoc 5 beds
  8. Boracay Haven Suites , Station 2, Brgy Balabag, 63 beds
  9. Boracay Haven Resort , Station 1, Main Road, Brgy Balabag 82 beds
  10. Boracay Holiday Resort , Station 2, Brgy Balabag 69 beds
  11. Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel Station 2, Brgy Balabag 52 beds 
  12. Boracay Travelodge Beach Resort Station 2, Manggayad, Brgy Balabag 40 beds
  13. Boracay White Coral Station 1, Brgy Balabag 5 beds
  14. Calypso Resort Hotel Station 3, Brgy. Manoc-Manoc 22 beds
  15. Canyon de Boracay  Station 3, Brgy. Manoc-Manoc 31 beds
  16. screenshot_20181018-000658_google7375348278046212235.jpg

    Red Coconut Beach Hotel is one of the original resorts in Boracay island.

    Casa Pilar Beach Resort Station 3, Brgy. Manoc-Manoc 84 beds

  17. Dave’s Straw Hat Inn Station 3, Sitio Ambulong Brgy. Manoc-Manoc 11 beds
  18. Discovery Shores Boracay Station 1, Brgy Balabag 99 beds
  19. El Centro Beach Resort Station 2, Brgy Balabag 39 beds
  20. Ernest’s Place Resort Sitio Bulabog, Brgy Balabag 21 beds
  21. Fairways & Bluewater Resort Station1 , Brgy Yapak 700 beds
  22. Frendz Boracay Hostel Station 1, Brgy Balabag 8 beds
  23. Frendz Resort Station 1, Brgy Balabag 19 beds
  24. Greenyard Inn Station 3, Brgy. Manoc-Manoc 5 beds
  25. Hampstead Boutique Hotel Station 1, Brgy Balabag 8 beds
  26. Hannah Hotel Station 1, Brgy Balabag 15 beds
  27. Hey Jude Resort Hotel Station 2, D’Mall, brgy Balabag 24 beds
  28. Hey Jude South Beach Station 3, Brgy. Manoc-Manoc 19 beds
  29. Hue Hotel (Luana Hotel) Main Road, Brgy. Manoc-Manoc 127 beds
  30. Hotel Soffia Brgy. Yapak 58
  31. Isla Azul Boracay Hotel Sitio Bulabog, Brgy Balabag 14 
  32. Isla Gecko Resort Station 2, Brgy Balabag 16
  33. Island Inn Station 2, Brgy Balabag 26
  34. Jeffrey S. Hotel Sitio Bulabog, Brgy Balabag 15
  35. Jony’s Beach Resort Station 1, Brgy Balabag 21
  36. Jony’s Boutique Hotel Station 1, Main Road, Brgy Balabag 22
  37. Lady Jean Resort Station 2, Brgy Balabag 7
  38. Lanterna Hotel Sitio Bulabog, Brgy Balabag 6
  39. Lugar Bonito Station 1, Brgy Balabag 6
  40. screenshot_20181018-000453_google1286383464248249136.jpg

    Lugar Bonito is 3 stars only but the place is ‘instagrammable’

    Luxx Boutique Hotel Boracay Station 2, Sitio Manggayad, Brgy Balabag 11

  41. Milflores de Boracay (Jinjiang Inn) Station 1, Main Road, Brgy Balabag 10
  42. Moreno’s Cottages Station 3, Sitio Ambulong, Brgy. Manoc-Manoc 6
  43. Nigi-Nigi Nu Noos Nunu Noos Station 2, Brgy Balabag 37
  44. Nirvana Beach Resort Station 2, Main Road, Brgy Balabag 32
  45. Ocean Breeze Inn Station 3, Sitio Ambulong, Brgy. Manoc-Manoc 7
  46. Paradise Garden Resort Hotel & Convention Center Station 3, Brgy. Manoc-Manoc 463
  47. Pinjalo Resort (Jade hill Project Property) Station 2, Brgy Balabag 24
  48. Red Coconut Beach Hotel Station 1, Brgy Balabag 50
  49. Reef Retreat Beach Resort Sitio Bulabog, Brgy Balabag 12
  50. Roy’s Rendevous Resort & Bungalow Station 3, Sitio Ambulong, Brgy. Manoc-Manoc 10
  51. Shangri-La Hotel Brgy. Yapak 219
  52. Shore Time Hotel – Annex Station 1, Brgy Balabag 12
  53. Sol Y Sombra Station 1, Brgy Balabag 5
  54. St. Vincent Cottages (Vicente Aguirre Rooms) Station 3, Brgy. Manoc-Manoc 27
  55. Sulu Plaza Lodge Station 3, Brgy. Manoc-Manoc 12
  56. Sunshine Place Station 1, Brgy Balabag 9
  57. Tan’s Guesthouse Main Station 2, Brgy Balabag 14
  58. Tan’s Guesthouse Annex Station 2, Brgy Balabag 14
  59. Taj Resort and Spa Main Station 2, Brgy Balabag 11
  60. Taj Resort and Spa Annex Station 2, Brgy Balabag 18
  61. The Club Ten Beach Resort Station 1, Brgy Balabag 20
  62. The Ferra Premier by JG Hotel Sitio Bulabog, Brgy Balabag 36
  63. The Lazy Dog Cottages Sitio Bulabog, Brgy Balabag 26
  64. The Strand Boutique Hotel Sitio Sinagpa, Brgy Balabag 13
  65. Villa Simprosa Station 2, Brgy Balabag 24
  66. Villa Sunset Boracay Station 1, Brgy Balabag 8
  67. White Beach de Boracay Station 1, Brgy Balabag 5
  68. White House Beach Resort Station 1, Brgy Balabag 30


Hue Hotel is one of the places I want to see because of its lavish design of the resort.

Note: The accredited number of properties are really smaller than the 68 the Tourism Department mentioned. Places like Frendz Resort and Frendz Boracay Hostel are actually just one website, one management. So be wary of that and make sure you talk to the resort management the difference.

We hope this list helps you decide and book which resort is right for you.


It’s been a while since we last served breakfast.
More of the reason we took it out was because — frankly — we’re not good at it and we are not about to be judged by something we’re not good in doing.
All that changed when we realize that we’ll be giving more people what they deserve when we start offering breakfast, Continental breakfast that is.


Our breakfast is complimentary and it will only be served between 7 and 9 am daily.

Starting Monday, 1st October: In line with our theme as a self-styled country-themed business hostel, we’ll be serving the same breakfast theme with a Filipino twist to it. We’re not promising it to have a 100% style ala-Filipino homestyle cooking like adobo with rice or tapsilog with rice but free breakfast just the same.
By definition Continental Breakfast consist of the following:

  • Bread (White bread or Pandesal)
  • Butter or Jam (Fruit spread, Margarine, or butter)
  • Coffee or Tea (3-1 coffee, 2-1 coffee, Lipton Black Tea)
  • Fruits (Banana or Pineapple or Apple)
  • More (Hardboiled eggs)

Expect these to help you start your day with such healthy choices.
Servings will start at 7am and run to 9am or for two hours only. No free breakfast will be served after 9am but we can arrange a 6am breakfast if needed but it depends on several factors.
We will not serve breakfast after 9am or be asked to serve breakfast as early as 3am just to help you with your early morning flight. No grace period. If you are there before 9am then you can still enjoy all the servings remaining. Yes, the early bird catches the worm and if you get there late, you might not have the breakfast item you want. Coffee and tea is available whole day.
Those who will try to ask for breakfast after 9am can order rice meals but this won’t happen yet until we’re ready to serve such menu items. We will make an announcement so you can prepare for it. We promise it to be a delicious experience.
By the way, the following arrangements are not included in the free breakfast:

  • OJT students
  • Guests who asked for hefty discounts like guests staying for 30 days or more
  • Guests who will check out before and after serving times
  • Guests who will check in before and after serving times
  • Friends of guests not checked in
  • Unregistered guests
  • Guests who have extended their stay but have not paid their current dues

In other words, we will serve breakfast to those who will fall under the right categories as we manage it in good faith. In addition to this, we do ask you to eat in moderation by thinking of other guests before thinking of devouring all food items you see there on the table.
To properly dispense our work in offering new products, expect the kitchen to be closed — either immediately or TBA — for we will soon offer menu items that may need the use of kitchen utensils and more that will disallow for guests to use the refrigerator and other items inside the kitchen.
While we will try to serve all our guests’ needs, please understand that we may not follow every need you require. Such examples are (a) food items than can give you allergies or (b) food items that may not be to your liking such as Non-Gluten-Free bread or wheat items or (c) request for us to serve breakfast to you whenever you need it. For allergies, please inform us ahead of time of what food allergy you may have or in need so we can advice you the dangers or not of food items we will serve you. We will not be faulted for not informing you what food item you will take that may pose a danger to your health.
For more information about this or to book your stay with us, log on to our FACEBOOK PAGE or message us at +63 937 378 0399 or call us at +63 2 632 7737.

screenshot_20180921-003510_hw conference6370137440316510126..jpgHostel owners from different regions of Asia Pacific converge at Hanoi, Vietnam this week to network and strengthen this sector of the tourism industry that developing countries have yet to fully recognize. As the host of this event, the 3-day conference will showcase Hostelworld™’s capability to support the needs and requirements of this growing segment. It will also give hostel owners a chance to meet other operators and help each other share stories and experiences on how to grow this business and achieve much faster returns and results for the development of the industry.
This will be a chance for Crossroads Hostel Manila to meet with different owners of hostels not just from different nations in Asia but also counterpart hostels within Metro Manila and other parts of the country.
The hostel industry in the Philippines is very young and with a growing number of budget travelers locally and across the globe, the time is more than ripe to develop this sector and offer fresh ideas for guests with choices of accommodations from different places in the country.
This is the first time Crossroads Hostel Manila will participate in a big event like this outside the country and our goal and intention is to make more travelers know that Crossroads Hostel Manila is here ready to serve and help travelers with their accommodation. The goal is to make the hostel much bigger and much better in terms of more services to offer and we’re inching ever so close to this goal and committed to making sure this happens as it helps put The Philippines on the map for backpacker travelers, tours, needs, whatever background they have.
For more information about this property, log on to and send us a message and we’ll reply fast.

To simplify pricing and offer the same value-added service, Crossroads Hostel Manila will now offer our PhP699/night per guest on a daily basis. Security Deposit is not yet included in the rate and can be remitted upon checking in.
Only paid reservations will be honored as reserved and all other guests can do the same by paying promo rates using Online Travel Agencies such as Expedia,, and Traveloka.
The rate adjustment will help Crossroads Hostel Manila provide the same type of service and hospitality only we know how in this area — at least.
To make a reservations, we ask you to see us first using our Facebook Page and book thru our message box. We will reply and answer more of your questions as it comes.
We’re now launching the new pricing and will continue to honor paid up bookings prior to the launching of  this new policy.
If you want to talk to us, call us or SMS us at +63 (920) 959.5747.

Near Crossroads Hostel is the new DC Comics Super Heroes Café. It’s the official museum-eatery for comic book lovers especially those who follow Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman. This is just the third of three exclusive themed cafes located in Southeast Asia — and we’re one of them! The first two is located in Singapore and in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Visitors will enjoy not just the big-servings of food they serve but the variety of things to see, hear, and feel. There are exclusive souvenirs you can buy, exclusive edition comic books and graphic novels to collect, and shows to watch while enjoying all the place has to offer to you.
The diner just recently opened and we’re sharing you some pictures of the place located at the 4th level of SM Megamall Building D. We promise that going here will not just be a treat for comic book fans but for those who are curious in seeing what the fuss is all about in the comic book universe. Enjoy!

We just leveled up our services and included Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Wash to serve the needs of our guests.
It may not be a big deal to some of you but for us it is because these are times that we can offer something better to our guests especially when you know the history of our hostel.
We are now at the point of offering more services to our guests so WASH OUT for it!
Pun intended. 🙂

Check In, Check out times changed

We’re changing the check-in and check-out times and we explain why but first, the new times!

New Check In time is: 1PM
New Check Out time is: 11AM

What used to be
We followed what the hotel standard times where guests in those properties would check in at 2PM and check out 12noon. We did it out of, well, necessity. We don’t know any better.

The ‘Pattern’
We noticed a pattern from our guests who either check in early or would check in earlier than usual too. It seems like nobody in this hostel reservations are following the standard so we studied it.

We realize that guests would like to check out earlier so they could proceed to their next destinations earlier or even to catch the right lunch hour. Only a small percentage would follow the 12nn check out. On the other hand, we saw big percentage of travelers who would take lunch as well and come back afterwards only to check out late — which will not serve the best interest of our staff and the next people planning to check in on the same spaces.

Those checking in too would be arrive much earlier and wait out for the 2PM mark and seeing their tired bodies out in the common area is an agony. Bottom line: no one follows it too.

So the only practical solution is, is to allow each guest to enjoy the meanings of those times and so checking out earlier would solve the question of each guest wanting to check out so they can have their lunch at the most appropriate time — before 12NN. At the same token, those who plan to check in can do so at a much earlier time.

We hope our guests will enjoy the benefits and practicality of these new time slots because these are not blindly thought out, in fact it was made with our guests in mind because they’re always in Crossroads Hostel Manila’s thoughts!

No problem! Now you can pay your hostel reservations thru Paypal. We’ve made it much easier for you if in case money is not available. We only need your valid email address and you can pay your reservations fast, easy, and trouble-free.
paypal-logoIn The Philippines, mode of cash payments are more frequent than Credit Cards but with foreign guests making their reservations thru Facebook, they can now confirm their bookings made directly with Crossroads Hostel Manila.
Booking your stay with us is much easier with a confirmed reservation especially during months when there are trade shows, conferences, and seminars happening in nearby event places in Ortigas where we are close. So we advice using Paypal when you want to make your reservations to our hostel.
Also please note that we will impose a 5% add-on fee when making payments using Paypal to offset any surcharges the facility imposes on us. But mention this article and we will waive those fees and you will get your payments add-on fee free.
Try it today and guarantee your booking with paid reservations using Paypal.