Popular resort, Dakak, is Zamboanga's pride

Popular resort, Dakak, is Zamboanga’s pride

There’s no stopping our Chinese visitors in coming to The Philippines. Recently, a delegation of Chinese journalists and media personalities went to Dapitan City (Zamboanga del Norte) to see what our country has to offer their people.
They were greatly pleased with what they saw but their experience was unforgettable. According to the government bulletin we gathered this news, the Chinese visitors, “experience the various tours ranging from river cruising to firefly watching and tour at the now famous Aliguay Island as well as aqua sports activities, horseback riding, rappelling, rides and shows at Gloria’s Fantasyland, historical tour highlighting Rizal’s legacies during his exile in Dapitan and many others.”
It was an unforgettable experience that they made known to their hosts, the Philippine Tourism Office based in Shanghai, China. The Chinese mission expressed their full support and they will promote this tourism spot when they return to their homeland. This expression of support is a total departure from their last stand, which threatens The Philippines with “consequences” when they pull their tourists from the country. This definitely backfired as predicted.
Our local Tour Operators should be ready when to receive a volume number of guests when these folks start arriving from China.
Good job, Department of Tourism and to the government of Dapitan!
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Commercial Airliners will surely line up to bring in more visitors

Commercial Airliners will surely line up to bring in more visitors

Crossroads Hostel learned that the Philippine Senate recently passed its own version of the Bill, which the Lower House passed much earlier that will remove burdening taxes that continue to discourage airliners from bringing in more passengers to The Philippines. The President is expected to sign the Bill into Law very soon, which airline industry experts say will make The Philippines more attractive than ever in getting its tourism business further off the ground.
For travelers, the said airline taxes is estimated to bring the cost of airline tickets down by as much as eight percent and is estimated to bring in PhP455 Billion pesos worth of revenues from tourism and could most-likely generate six million jobs.
This would mean better infrastructures, better services, and better prospects in showing what the 7,107 islands have to the delight of travelers especially backpackers.
In this regard, Crossroads Hostel will continue to provide high value service to budget travelers looking for a place to stay in after they’ve landed in Manila. This is definitely a Win-Win situation both for our country and for our full-service business.
We wrote this post because of this news we saw today from INTERAKSYON:

If they’re excited so are we in The Philippines

Crossroads Hostel noted that budget airlines, Airasia, started flying Filipino passengers to Kuala Lumpur, Saturday, June 9, to expand its business and operations in Southeast Asia. Filipinos own a major stake in this Malaysian airline brand and it will further capitalize on the momentum of bringing in more tourists to the country.
To date, Malaysia accounts for 32,363 tourists or the eleventh biggest source of visitors in the country in the first quarter of this year. So far, the number of Malaysians going to the Philippines increased by almost 75% since 2009 and it seems there’s no stopping them from finding out why it’s more fun in the Philippines.
We are excited to see more Malaysians in the country who can see their Malaysian Ringgit’s value multiply in a country that is known for it’s hospitality. Crossroads Hostel is a perfect place to receive Malaysian travelers who want to discover what is in store for them in a country that may not be truly Asia but it’s definitely more fun than anything they have experienced.