STUDENTS who will use the facilities for their school needs will enjoy a much lower rate of only PhP10,000.00/month++. The rate does not include Security Deposit of PhP3,000/guest. The rate also does not include the 15% operations fee that helps maintain the facilities and the 5% taxes that includes City and State taxes.
With fees and taxes included, the amount would be at PhP12,075/month/student.
This is much lower than the regular rate for a one (1) month (29 nights) stay guest who will fork PhP15,758.00/month which is still much lower than the regular non-discounted average nightly rate of PhP662/night or a total of PhP19,198.00, however, there’s nothing to fear because the longer you stay, the lower the amount is for you to pay.
We also have not include the Group Rate. If there’s three (3) or more of you joining in then you have the following discounts

  • 3+ OJT students = PhP10 discount/night/guest off of the base per guest/rate
  • 5+ OJT students = PhP25 discount/night/guest off of the base per guest/rate
  • 7+ OJT students = PhP35 discount/night/guest off of the base per guest/rate

As you can see, you can save a lot just by adding more batch mates from your class.
Much of our students who fulfill their OJT requirements and stay with us work at the nearby National Center for Mental Health (NCMH), Rappler, CNN, and Shangri-La Hotel to name a few.
You can always call or SMS us at +63 937 378 0400 or message us on Facebook when you LIKE OUR PAGE.

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