The Trade Department head, Sec. Ramon Lopez, announced over DZMM Teleradyo this morning that businesses in areas where businesses such as fitness centers, internet cafes, tutorial and review centers, and drive-in cinemas will open under certain restrictions and only in areas where GCQ (General Community Quarantine) is declared. For starters, some of these businesses will open at 30% capacity, Internet shops will open for education and work purposes only, still 30% capacity, drive-In cinemas are something new and will be implemented with supervision. Other businesses involved in grooming services (those involved in nail-care, skincare, and aesthetics) have also been allowed according to the government official.

Listed businesses must open on August 1 with 30% capacity only to manage spread of the disease (File, Anytime Fitness Shaw Boulevard)

Sec. Lopez also added that 30% is just the start and may increase business capacity to 50%, “Pero don’t worry katulad naman nung nangyari sa barbershops and dine-in restaurants, after a few weeks, kapag maganda ang compliance nila sa health protocol at sumusunod po sila don, may allowance tayo na mag-iincrease din ang capacity to 50 percent,” Lopez said.  (But let’s not worry because like the barbershops and dine-in restaurants, if the results turn out fine after a few weeks then we can increase the capacity (of these businesses) to 50 percent)

Businesses must open their business with much caution

This is definitely good news but protocols still have to be followed and proper health guidelines are entrusted to managers of these businesses to make sure the spread of the virus does not increase. The Inter-agency Task Force for the Management of Infectious Diseases has issued those guidelines. Employers must empower their staff and in return, employees must guide customers in implementing these rules strictly.

The implementation of this recent announcement will happen on Saturday, 1st August 2020.

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Filipino dishes, instead, colors the ‘palate’ of your mouth

I find it hard to title this piece but yielded to what will catch your imagination of our food in the Philippines. Filipino dishes can be the most un-colorful bunch but dishes like Chicken Adobo, Lumpia, or Pancit can give your tongue a delightful sensation only your mouth can define.  Filipino dishes burst with flavors from salty, sweetness, and spicy and everything in between. I remember my lunch that my wife cooked me this morning. A spoonful of savory sweet, salted shrimp paste pork (called “Binagoongang” <Bee-na-go-ong-ang Bah-boy>) White Jasmine rice, and a bite of an unripened mango breaking off in your mouth releasing flavors that just screams with impact. It haunts my mouth giving my palate a bit of work. My senses gets flooded with thoughts that nothing has ever discovered it. It’s indeed a find, the best of Philippine dishes in gastronomical proportions.
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