One of the most compelling reasons our guests tell us why they choose Crossroads Hostel Manila other than our friendly staff and service is our location but so what right? We’re here to detail three noteworthy things about our location and why this may play an important role in your selection of a property to have you, your guests, staff, and other travelers join us.

The green house is just the fifth structure from the street corner.

The green house is just the fifth structure from the street corner.

First, our proximity to transportation hubs for buses, trains, jeepneys, tricycles, and taxis. Other properties we have are not as close, so you either walk farther or you would need to ride a tricycle, which can add up to your daily expenses.

The hostel is literally 100 meters away or about 300 steps away. We’re so close to EDSA that you can’t help but trek outside our hostel and discover all the interesting nooks and crannies you can find. No long walks, awkward bus stops, hard to reach train stops — almost every public land transportation is just right there.

By the way, this is Crossing Area. If you look at the map of Metro Manila, you will find that the intersection of EDSA slices through East and West sides of the region. People converge here for business and family stuff so it’s one of the busiest but safest place to be in because of the sheer number of residents from this area that converges in this place. Crossing has more community feel. The commercial areas are across EDSA so this place, though is crowded, is friendlier and people are from around town so you can get familiar with the person you commute with every day.

Second, we’re at the fringes of the commercial districts of Ortigas and Greenfield. This means you can access hundreds and hundred of cafes, fastfood places, bars, restaurants, movie houses, fashion boutiques, department stores, supermarkets, and conference areas. Should I say more? These places are perfect to go to after a much needed respite from a hard day’s work.

Every mall, cafe, restaurant, and entertainment life is within your reach.

Every mall, cafe, restaurant, and entertainment life is within your reach at Crossroads Hostel Manila

Third, we’re located atop a hill. In fact, the barangay’s name where we’re at is called Highway Hills. The hostel will never get flooded in the foreseeable future so our guests won’t have to worry if we’ll go under should more heavy downpour of rain persists throughout the remainder of the year or even years to come. By the way, did we mention the hostel is also built on top of a bed rock? This makes our property earthquake proof. We rarely feel the earth quake and we can assure you of that. The whole barangay sits on a solid rock so you’re safe and secure here.

We’re Crossroads Hostel Manila. We’re your hostel by EDSA and Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City. We’re the most practical location for staff housing, backpacking accommodation, and other practical uses.

For more information, please call  +63 (920) 959 5747 | +63 (2) 984 9844

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